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I think this charge was a mistake and I need a refund.

If you’ve read the above and think you need a refund or have an outstanding question about your charge, please fill out the form here. 

How does Nayax prevent fraudulent purchases?

Nayax’s cashless payment solution includes anti-fraud thresholds that you can set to ensure maximum transaction safety.

How secure is Nayax’s system?

Nayax is PCI DSS 3.2 certified and adheres to GDPR standards, ensuring the system’s security meets the industry’s highest standards. Additionally, to guarantee that your data is always available, Nayax has system redundancy at three global sites, with data replication to ensure continuous safe operation.

How does Nayax ensure that all cashless transactions are safe and secure?

Our cashless payment solutions meet the highest industry standards to ensure the safety of all parties. Our certifications include EMVCo (level 1 and 2), CE, FCC, RoHS, Mastercard PayPass, Visa payWave, and PCI DSS.
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