Upcoming Webinars

July 2021

Increase Your Sales Using Monyx Wallet App

July 13th,

3PM BST (EU) / 10 AM ET (US)


How well do you know Monyx Wallet? Whether you’ve got the basics down or are just beginning to explore the benefits of Monyx, you’re invited to an exclusive webinar all about Monyx on July 13th!

Featuring one of Nayax’s own Monyx Wallet Product Managers, we’ll be exploring how Monyx can help operators increase their total sales and transactional volume through consumer engagement and customer loyalty programs. We promise you won’t want to miss out on this one! Register for free to learn how you can get in on the action.

Monyx Wallet: A deep-dive into the Management Suite

July 20th,

3PM BST (EU) / 10 AM ET (US)


Join us on July 20th for an in-depth look at all things Monyx Wallet! We’ll be taking a closer look at how to make the most out of Monyx using the DCS, our comprehensive management suite.

We will be joined by one of the Monyx Wallet Product Managers who will be showing us how to create various campaigns according to your business type, provide instant refunds, and other tools for success. The best part? This informative webinar is available for free, just register today to sign up!

Consumer loyalty: Turning one-time buyers into returning customers

July 27th,

3PM BST (EU) / 10 AM ET (US)


Interested in growing your brand’s following? We’ll be discussing the tools needed to help you boost your customer loyalty on our dedicated loyalty webinar on July 27th!

For anyone looking to grow their customer base, this webinar is a must! We’ll be discussing the various ways in which branded prepaid cards can benefit both you and your customers, how to create incentives for customers to use prepaid cards, and how Monyx Wallet can be used as a loyalty tool. Register for free and unlock the power of Nayax’s loyalty and engagement tools today!

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