Vending Machine Credit Card Reader Payment System

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All Business Sizes
All Business Sizes
Whether you're just starting out, own only a few machines, or run an enterprise with thousands of machines and locations, our solutions have got you covered.
Vending & Other Unattended Business
If your business expands beyond vending to micro markets, office coffee machines, car washes or laundromats, you can manage your sales, inventory, machine, and customer data all in one place.
Bring added value to your vending machines by selling them with pre-installed Nayax card readers.
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Card Readers
Management Suite
Customer Loyalty

VPOS Touch

Inventory management and cashless payment solutions


Contactless card reader and telemetry device featuring NFC and QR payments.

Vending Management System

Inventory management and cashless payment solutions

Management Suite

Streamline Operations and Drive Growth with Nayax Core Management Software


Management solution on-the-go

Monyx Wallet

A payment app and consumer engagement platform

Vending Machine Credit Card Reader and Management System Features

Incremental Authorization

Enable multiple product selections at a vending machine with a single transaction.

Product and Pre-kitting

Get an accurate view of your products and inventory with product maps and manage your inventory with different types of picklists.

Customized Alerts

Receive temperature, machine, sales, stock level, and other alerts how you want them, when you want them.

Remote Price Change

Change product or product category prices on any machine remotely, helping you save time and cut costs.

Inventory Dashboard

A complete, customized view of all of all your machines’ inventory, filtered by products.

Dynamic Transaction Monitoring

Create customized reports to monitor sales by machine and transaction.


Vending Machine Card Reader Benefits

Add a Card Reader to Your Vending Machines and Enjoy Higher Revenue

~ 30 %

Increase your

- 20 %

Reduce your
operational costs

80 +


Case studies

“What we love about the Nayax units is the ability to see the real-time stock levels inside your vending machine.”

Jason McKiernan, Director, Gecko Vending


increase in sales with VPOS Touch

Accepts All Payment Methods


How do I get started with Nayax’s vending payment solution

How do you install a card reader on a vending machine?

Nayax card readers use simple plug & play installation and can be retrofitted onto any machine. To see how to install your card reader, you can:

How do you use a vending machine with a card?

Nayax card readers enable you to perform both contact and contactless credit card transactions. With the VPOS Touch device, you can either insert your credit card, swipe, or tap it. And with the Onyx card reader, you can tap your chip card on the device in order to pay.

How do our card readers work on vending machines?

MDB, or Multi Drop Bus allows a vending machine to communicate with a cashless payment system using the vending machine controller (VMC).
Telemetry helps collect various types of measurements and records data from several distant points, transmitting them to a single location, i.e. to Nayax Core (formerly NayaxVend/DCS). This includes information about transactions with details such as the product name, price, or time of purchase. Telemetry also monitors vending machine activity and checks if the machine is operating correctly. The device takes all the data from the machine in real time and then processes it and transmits it to the telemetry system. This data transfer works thanks to the SIM card in the machine, providing GSM connectivity between the telemetry device and the system.

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