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Nayax Customer Reviews

Nayax values its customers and appreciates any feedback we get. We view communication with customers as vital, and constantly work to improve our business based on our customers’ feedback.

Nayax’s complete solution covers business needs from A to Z. See what our customers have to say about our advanced payment technology, integrated POS devices, a smart management system, and marketing & loyalty solutions

Advanced Payment Technology

Nayax offers global solutions to local markets by accepting over 80 forms of cashless, digital, and loyalty card payments in over 80 countries. With advanced payment technology, Nayax allows businesses choose any payment flow, control risks, provide tax receipts & invoices, and is even able to develop new integrations when needed. 

Case study
"We chose Nayax as the technological partner to be able to serve customers in many countries. we also get inquiries from countries we are not present yet. So whenever we have these inquiries we can always ask Nayax: 'Is this doable?' and the answer has always been: 'Yes, it's doable.'"
Aslak De Silva, CEO, Selfly Store
Aslak De Silva
of transactions are cashless
"In 2018, Café+Co decided to implement a digital payment solution for our clients. After a very intense process, we decided to pick Nayax as our preferred supplier because their system perfectly meets our requirements."
Fritz Kaltenegger, CEO, Café & Co
Screen Shot 2023-11-22 at 1.43 1
Increase in Revenue

Smart Management System

Nayax’s robust management capabilities give business owners and operators of any size full control of their business, machines, sales, inventory, and customer loyalty programs.

Case study
"We decided to go for Nayax for their amazing telemetry software solution. We can control all of our machines live from our phone and from our office…this is the core of our operation."
Omar Darouiche, Managing Director,
Omar Darouiche
of transactions are cashless
What we love about the Nayax units is the ability to see the real-time stock levels inside your vending machine. This allows us to fill the machine earlier than required. Even daily.
Jason McKiernan, Director, Gecko Vending
Jason McKiernan
increase in sales with VPOS Touch
We can see the statistics, we can do the reports, we cab see everything that we are doing to grow our business. We can take the correct decisions, but also related to helping the customers, of course we can help the customers much more because we see what's happening and we can help them directly.
Anders Jaxhagen, Founder & Co-Owner of Pay N Charge
Tech Partner
MoMa is so useful – it’s actually genius.  Having my staff look up information in the app – for example, about cash takings, or whether a machine is turned on or off – saves me so much time. What I can get from MoMa in 10 seconds took me about 10 minutes with other solutions.
Grant Clements, CEO of SW Vending
SW Vending
Time Saved with MoMa

Integrated Point of Sale

Nayax has fully integrated and engaging POS devices for any business that give customers a seamless payment experience.

Case study
“Nayax VPOS Touch was packed with features that just knocked the competition out of the park.”
Sagar Malik, Tap N Go Solutions
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Increase in Revenue
“We were looking for a self-service kiosk that was easy set up. We chose Nayax’s Nova Market because of its attractive pricing and simple installation process."
Amit Keinan, CEO of Alaya Poleg Hotel
Increase in Revenue
"The customers are able to come into the shop, just purchase the elements directly on the touch screen pad, tap payment, walk out of the shop, and that whole transaction can happen quite seamlessly."
Frank McGrath Weber, Majura Valley Farm Gate Shop
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increase in revenue

Marketing & Loyalty Solutions

Nayax’s loyalty solutions allow you to grow your loyal customer base, to convert one-time customers into brand advocates, to generate higher profits, and to build your brand image.

Case study
“The Monyx Wallet in particular is what we were looking for. We find the solution in the app has helped us get to where we are today. Our customer engagement grows on a day to day basis, and I think our increase will be somewhere between 100 to 200 people per day.”
Elie Hannoun, CEO, Powerdose
Hannoun, CEO, Powerdose
of transactions are cashless
H&M-Logo (1)
"Leveraging Weezmo's Audience Builder and Offline Measurement features led to a ROAS of 45:1"
VP Marketing
Ronit Gottfried-Nissani
"15% monthly growth in newsletter signups"
"Weezmo is sustainable by design, connects online to offline, and creates first party data."
VP Innovation and Value Creation
Oded Lavie
Pizza_Hut logo
"Our overall sales numbers per buyer grew by 25% in 3 months. 4X survey response rate in takeaway restaurants within three weeks."
Pizza Hut Israel
Udi Shamai

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of cashless payments do Nayax devices accept?

Nayax devices accept over 80 forms of cashless payments in over 50 currencies including debit and credit cards, mobile wallets, NFC, and QR codes.

How do I know if my machine is compatible?

Nayax’s cashes payment solutions are compatible with almost all automated machines. we also work with pulse and PC-based machines, including small, private manufacturers.

How does Nayax ensure that all cashless transactions are safe and secure?

Our cashless payment solutions meet the highest industry standards to ensure the safety of all parties. Our certifications include EMVCo (level 1 and 2), CE, FCC, RoHS, Mastercard PayPass, Visa payWave, and PCI DSS.

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Nayax, Your Trusted Payments & Technology Partner

Nayax’s solutions provide you with the technology you need to future-proof your business and scale it risk-free. Our award-winning devices give your customers a simple and secure payment experience and provide your business with opportunities for growth. We stay ahead of the curve and are constantly ahead of the market when it comes to regulations and payment integrations.


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