Nayax provides a complete solution for cashless payments, telemetry systems and management software,
transforming the way vending machine businesses and other unattended automatic machines operate.


Looking at every angle of your business, Nayax’s cashless payment, IoT telemetry and management platform for automated machines, enhances all aspects of your business. Increase your revenue and decrease operational cost.

Full Solution

Nayax Advantages

With features that address all your customers’ desires and make your business run more efficiently, there’s a clear reason why operators of vending machines and other unattended machines choose Nayax.

Real-Time Alerts

Thanks to telemetry Nayax can deliver real-time alerts and daily reports to operators, letting operators know about operational issues as they happen, offering greater business transparency, improved operational efficiency, and a lot of convenience.

Consumer Engagement

Bring your consumer closer, with Nayax’s cashless payment solutions, which create consumer interaction, even when you aren’t there, using the best available technology.

Development dedicated

At Nayax we anticipate the next industry trend before it even begins. As a development driven company, Nayax is committed to listening to our clients and creating solutions that work for your circumstances.

Multiple cashless payments methods

With the world increasingly embracing cashless payments – provide your consumers with every payment method on the market. With Nayax consumers can pay with credit or debit card, EMV chip card, contactless, mobile payment apps or QR codes.

Remote Monitoring

With Nayax’s management software suite operators can keep an eye on business from any location. Monitor sales, secure cash accountability, improve machine inventory, and attain complete business transparency.

Plug 'n Play

With Nayax’s solutions you’re ready to go. All our devices are easy to install, retrofittable, and work with all protocols.

Our Solutions

The Nayax 360° solution for vending machines and unattended automated machines includes cashless payments, an advanced telemetry system, and management software that lets you follow your business in real time

What Our Clients Say

Superior customer support, multiple cashless payment options and excellent connectivity are just a few reasons why Discount Vending has chosen Nayax as their premier vending machine credit card reader!

Read what our clients have to say about how Nayax’s cashless payment systems have helped them with their business operations.

Cashless Payment Solutions

Coca Cola China

“Solid Performance and Amazing Support! Dramatically maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions without functional solutions.”


“The Scobie team have worked closely with Nayax for several years now.  The Nayax product is a popular, beneficial and quality solution to the increased demands for cashless payments.  Our enquiries are handled quickly and efficiently and the product availability is always good, as is the delivery.”

Sodexo Norway

Thomas Marthinsen, Operation Manager, Sodexo

“We use fewer hours per week per machine and have a safer operation of the machine park than before when it was serviced with cash only.”

Norwegian car wash machine supplier

Øyvind Moen, Sales Manager, Aasland Teknikk AS

“The Nayax solution gives us a competitive advantage since we can offer our customers an efficient card solution for car wash.”


“Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas. Dramatically maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions without functional solutions.”

Ballerud Golf

Thomas Faale, General Manager

“NAYAX’s strength for me is that the payment terminal is always available to our golf customers on the driving range, and is simple for them to operate. Soon we will be able to stop taking cash completely, and only accept cards. Then we will have zero problems with theft, since if there is no cash there won’t be incentive for burglary and vandalism. We are very pleased with our choice of NAYAX payment terminal.”

T Vend, UK

James Smith

“The promotional activities that Nayax has enabled us to deliver are transformative for our growth. With the loyalty programs we have seen our sales steadily go up and we’re noticing more regular customers. We’re really happy with the progress and view Nayax as a partner in our continued success.”

Stayery, Germany

Gerrit Gehrke, Head of Operations

“We believe that the PayMarket is a promising future-oriented payment system, and the customer experience correlates well with our hotel business ideas.”

Daniel Bergineti

Director, Benleigh Vending Systems

“We chose Nayax as research made it clear that Nayax is the market leader in the industry. As we view ourselves as market leaders, we wanted to work with the same caliber. Nayax’s support network was the strongest of the competitors as well, so this was an obvious choice.”

GC Laundry Equipment Australia Cashless Payments

G.C. Laundry, AU

Phil Hodges, Director, G.C. Laundry Equipment

“We’ve been working with Nayax for several years and value the strong partnership we have built together – in fact, we have experienced unprecedented sales this year, and believe that Nayax’s solutions have contributed to this success. We recommend to all our customers to install Nayax’s cashless payment devices into their laundromat set-up. The painless onboarding process that has been created by Nayax’s team lets our customers begin accepting payments as soon as the devices are installed, and they enjoy the flexibility Nayax gives them, both in payment options and operations. Due to increased cashless usage in Australia, our customers’ customers are familiar with tap & pay technology, and prefer the ease and convenience with cashless payments.”


Troy Berry, Washtech Ltd

“The fact that Nayax has worked with Washtech to develop solutions for every sort of pay station currently installed at car washes has been a huge plus. The readers are so flexible and include so many options for the customers.  The cloud format for getting reports and making changes to the setup has also been a game changer for our clients, allowing them to access their Nayax systems from anywhere at any time.”

OUR Certifications

When choosing a cashless payments solution, the breadth of payment options and security are of top importance. Nayax provides an EMV certified solution with PCI-DSS level 1, the highest level of security standards certification, which is reviewed annually to ensure strict compliance.


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