Why Nayax?

Why Nayax Intro

Focus on your growth

Increase your revenue and boost your number of satisfied customers to accelerate the overall trajectory of your business.

Stay ahead of your consumers' pace

Digitize your consumers' payments to give them the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method.

Solution for small and large retailers

We’re here for you when you need us most to ensure your business is fulfilling its potential for success.

We give you peace of mind

Gain a comprehensive view of your business with all your data easily accessible on one holistic management platform.



Increase revenue

Increase revenue with our global Cashless Payment Suite

Start accepting any dominant payment method (EMV, of course!) and enjoy a high acceptance rate with a complete cashless payment solution. You no longer need to worry about chargebacks, opening a merchant account with a bank, or connecting to another payment gateway. Enjoy our vast prepaid suite and start accepting prepaid cards with an automated option to easily on-board existing cards. Offer different discounts by time, type, and more.

Omni-channel 360 solution

Omnichannel 360 solution – unattended, attended, and e-commerce

Providing solutions for all merchants enables us to offer a true omnichannel solution under one roof. See all your funds in one account and reconcile every store while enjoying cross-market consumer interactions.

Consumers into followers

Transform consumers into followers with our marketing, loyalty, and consumer engagement suite

Our marketing platform is proven to increase revenue by up to 30%. Our array of solutions, from Monyx Wallet to Weezmo Marketing, help you promote your store on different platforms, while increasing your offline purchases, and helping you make decisions based on both online and offline data.

One point of contact

Enjoy one point of contact, it’s easy to do business like that

Our R&D engineers stay ahead of the curve and keep pushing our products to the highest standard. We have multidisciplinary development teams, ranging from embedded engineers, front end developers, payment integration specialists, DBAs, risk managers and more, to make sure we provide a future-proof product.

Decrease operational costs

Decrease operational costs

Our complete solution provides a seamless experience for you and ensures that you only need one point of contact to handle every aspect of your journey. Our customers saw a decrease of about 20% in operational costs by using our complete management solution.


Our focus is on you and your growth!

We answer you! Our award-winning service and support is ready to address your questions with any form of interaction; from chat, phone and email, to complete online support and access to the Nayax University. Our overall goal is to make sure you are utilizing our tools to boost business growth.

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