Nayax Energy Core

Optimize, Monetize and Analyze Your EV Charging Network

Nayax Energy Core is a smart, cloud-based management platform for both large and small EV charging networks.

Nayax Energy Core Management Features

Operations Management
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Charging network hierarchy management
  • Visual maps with charging station locations and status
  • Real-time monitoring with customizable alerts

Analytics & Reports
  • Energy & consumption
  • Financial transactions
  • Invoices
  • Customizable reports

Billing & Clearing
  • Supports payments in 62+ countries
  • Configurable tariff rates and payment plans
  • Automated eReceipts
  • Secure and pre-authorized transactions
  • Accepts credit, debit, contact, contactless, NFC, QR Code, prepaid, and RFID payments

Driver Services
  • White-label mobile app
  • Navigate to available charging stations
  • Remote start charging
  • Reserve a charging station in advance
  • Receive automated receipts
  • Track charging history

Smart Energy Management
  • Smart charging to optimize energy consumption
  • Online load management
  • Real-time communication with the grid to ensure network stability
  • Reduce electricity costs

OCPP Charger Integration

Can be integrated with any OCPP charging station  

24/7 support

Get the support you need, when you need it.

White-Label App

Get EV Meter Core’s capabilities in the palm of your hand with our white-label services

Why Nayax Energy Core?

The only platform with a built-in payment system (Merchant of Record)

Host and manage any EV charging station, fully integrates with any manufacturer

Complete oversight over your entire charging network on one platform

Access the system from anywhere via the web-based portal or mobile app

Customizable dashboards so that you can see the data that matters most to you

Performance analytics for business growth with real-time sales reporting

Flexible and dynamic price setting and an automated multi-currency billing system

Monitor energy consumption and leverage subsidized tariff hours

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