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Whether you're just starting out, own only a few machines, or run an enterprise with thousands of machines and locations, our solutions have got you covered.
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Office Coffee and Other Convenience Services
If you operate other office convenience services such as vending machines or micro markets, you can make sure that your sales, inventory, machine, and customer data are all in one place with Nayax's solutions.
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Office Coffee Machine Manufacturer
Bring added value to your office coffee machines by selling them with pre-installed Nayax card readers.
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Choose from an Array of Office Coffee Payment Systems to Increase Ease of Operational Tasks and Sales

Card Readers
Management Suite
Loyalty Solutions

VPOS Touch

Inventory management and cashless payment solutions


Contactless card reader and telemetry device featuring NFC and QR payments.

Vending Management System

Inventory management and cashless payment solutions


Mange and monitor your business remotely to boost operational efficiency


Management solution on-the-go

Monyx Wallet

A payment app and consumer engagement platform

Office Coffee Payment, Management, and Loyalty System Features

Open Payments

Accept any cashless payment, allowing consumers to choose the way they pay.

Excellent Customer Service

Pivot in real-time, offer flexible programs, and see more satisfied consumers.

Customized Alerts

Receive temperature, machine, sales, stock level, and other alerts how you want them, when you want them.

Built-in Loyalty

Unlock repeat sales with Nayax Loyalty Cards, enabling you to provide vouchers, discounts, free vends, and more, completely customizable for any customer need.

Remote Management

Even when you’re on-the-go, oversee your coffee machines and manage the larger business.

Consumer Insights

Gain accurate billing information, and learn who is buying what, when, and where – so you can refine your strategies accordingly.


A Pick-Me-Up for Employees – and for Your Sales!

A payment and loyalty system at coffee machines that boosts revenue and employee satisfaction

68 %

of employees drink coffee at work

+ 20 %

growth with loyalty programs

80 +

Payment Methods Accepted

Case studies

“The Nayax system provides digital payment solutions with debit and credit cards and with our café+co smart pay app to also provide smart payment solutions on mobile phones.”

Fritz Kaltenegger, COO, Cafe+co International


Increase in Revenue

Nayax, Your Trusted Payments & Technology Partner

Nayax’s solutions provide you with the technology you need to future-proof your business and scale it risk-free. Our award-winning devices give your customers a simple and secure payment experience and provide your business with opportunities for growth. We stay ahead of the curve and are constantly ahead of the market when it comes to regulations and payment integrations.

Accepts All Payment Methods


How do I get started with Nayax’s coffee payment solution?

How do you install a card reader on a coffee machine?  

Nayax card readers use the same method of wiring as the coin validators that are most likely installed on your machine. By connecting to the same wiring and emulating the pulses it will work the same exact way as if you were putting a coin into the coin validator. Nayax card readers can be retrofitted onto any washer or dryer machine and can be configured in four different ways 

How can Nayax's coffee card readers be configured?

Nayax card readers work with a pulse protocol for coffee machines and offers four different configurations:  

  1. Single price, single pulse: the standard pulse configuration.  
  2. Single price, multi-pulse: allows you to connect up to 6 machines to a single Nayax card reader. 
  3. Multi-pricing: allows you to display up to six different pricing options on one machine. 
  4. Count-up mode configuration:allows you to set the minimum and maximum time usages and allow customers to prolong their usage.

How do customers pay for a coffee service with a Nayax card reader?

Nayax card readers accept over 80 forms of cashless payments including credit and debit cards, NFC, mobile wallets, prepaid cards. Nayax’s VPOS Touch card reader allows customers to insert insert, swipe, or tap their credit card while the Onxy card reader only accepts tap and go payments. To see which payment methods are accepted in your country, click here

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