VPOS Touch Credit Card Reader Cashless Payment Device

Convenient and reliable cashless payment solution for any 24/7 operation.


Increase Your
Automated Machine
Revenue with an
All-in-One Device

Complete Solution for Your Business

Seamlessly integrated with telemetry, cashless clearance, monitoring, management and BI, the VPOS Touch monitors machines in real-time with updated information on all aspects of your operation including inventory, cash monitoring, alerts, sales reports, and analytics.

Suitable for Any Market

VPOS Touch can be easily installed on most new and existing machines, can be integrated with any current protocol, and is suitable for any kind of unattended business including vending, laundromats, car washes, office coffee machines, EV charging stations, transportation ticketing kiosks, kiddie rides, massage chairs, prize machines, and more.

Increase Sales with Consumer Engagement

The VPOS Touch allows operators to engage with their consumers more directly and nurture loyalty with built-in marketing tools, a color touchscreen, and voice interaction.

Simplify Operations & Fleet Management

VPOS Touch allows operators to manage all of their machines at once by assigning control of specific machines, areas, data, or reports to employees or facility managers. Operators can also save a lot of time by performing bulk actions on-the-go.

Data points

Simplify Operations, Customize Experience

Add a Card Reader to Your Automated Machines and Enjoy Higher Revenue

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Potential Revenue Growth

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Business Types

VPOS Touch: The Card Reader for Your Business

Easily Install VPOS Touch on any kind of machine

Vending Machines icon
Vending Machines
Car Wash and Air Vac Equipment icon
Car Wash and Air/Vac Equipment
laundry icon
Kiddie Rides icon
Kiddie Rides
EV Charging icon
EV Charging
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Massage Chairs
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Ticketing Machines
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Never Miss Out on a Sale with Our Cashless Payment Methods

Nayax’s payment solutions provide you with the technology you need to future-proof your business and scale it risk-free. By accepting over 80 forms of payment in over 50 currencies and by building 3rd party integrations, we provide a global payment solution for local markets and offer your customers a safe and secure payment method.

Simplified Installation, Simplified Operation

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VPOS Touch's Features Are Built to Boost Your Business and to Improve Your Customers' Experience

Plug & Play Installation

VPOS Touch can be easily installed on any new or existing machine.

Supports All Current Protocols

VPOS Touch can be integrated with MDB, Pulse, VCCS, and CCI protocols, making it suitable for any type of automated business.

Secure Communications and 24/7 Connection

VPOS Touch can connect to 3G, 4G LTE, and Ethernet, enabling machines to be monitored and transmit data in real-time at all times.

Incremental Authorization

The authorization amount can be adjusted prior to settlement in cases where the total amount is higher than the initial authorization.

Secure, Anti-Fraud System

VPOS Touch is fully EMV-certified helping prevent fraud.

Vandalism Proof and Weather Resistant

A durable card reader that can operate in extreme temperatures, is IP 55 dust and water resistant, and is made with vandalism-proof Gorilla Glass.

Color Touchscreen

High-resolution touchscreen allows for a seamless payment experience and enables operators to engage with consumers.

Voice Interaction and Dual-Language Display

VPOS Touch has voice capabilities with voice interaction in 36 languages and can set up to two default languages for the display screen.

Remote Software

Get new functions and features stress-free with remote software updates.

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