Powering Your Automated and Self-Service Business

Run your business with ease with an innovative, trusted, and complete solution.


Everything Your Business Needs

Advanced Payment Technology, Integrated POS, an Actionable Management Suite, and Marketing & Loyalty Solutions

Vending and Office Coffee Services
Seamlessly manage operations, from inventory and machines to consumers and transactions, so that customers keep coming back for more.
Micro Markets
Powerful tools for operators to upgrade their business with micro markets and improve customer satisfaction.
Pulse Machines
Customize your pricing options and offer your customers different modes: single price, multi-price, pay-as-you-go, and more.

Innovative and Reliable Solutions for Business Growth

Tap & Go Payments

Provide customers with a convenient, seamless, on-the-go payment experience.

24/7 Monitoring

Stay on top of your business wherever, whenever with real-time alerts and an on-the-go management app.

Plug & Play Installation

POS solutions that are as easy to implement as they are to use.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Our consumer engagement tools help you personalize your consumers’ experience and increase their loyalty.

Support All Major Protocols

We support MDB, Pulse, CCI, and proprietary protocols.

API-First Approach

We support payment APIs as well as hardware and software integrations with 3rd parties, providing a flexible and open solution for any of our customers’ needs.

Transform Your Business with Nayax's Automated & Self-Service Solutions

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Business Types

Tailor-Made Solutions to Help Your Retail or Hospitality Business Grow

Automated & Self-Service

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A Complete Solution for Your Automated or Self-Service Business

POS Devices
Management Suite

VPOS Touch

Inventory management and cashless payment solutions


Contactless card reader and telemetry device featuring NFC and QR payments.

Nova Market

Self-checkout solution that redefines the in-store shopping experience for your customers.

Management Suite

Streamline Operations and Drive Growth with Nayax Core Management Software

Vending Management System

Inventory management and cashless payment solutions

Monyx Wallet

A payment app and consumer engagement platform

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