Payment Solutions for EV Charging

We help you grow your business by attracting more drivers and keeping them engaged.

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We've Got the Solution for Your EV Charging Business

EV Charging Station Manufacturers (OEMs)
Add value to your charging stations by selling them with globally certified Nayax payment terminals.
Charge Point Operators (CPOs)
Monetize your business and increase your total addressable market by accepting all forms of cashless payments.
Charge Point Management Systems (CPMS)
Offer your customers a platform that includes a full payment solution through a cloud-based API or OCPI integration.
E Mobility Service Providers (EMSPs)
Grow your EMSP brand with a white-labeled app with embedded payments and roaming capabilities.
Our Products

Payment Terminals & Management System for Your EV Charging Business 

Card Readers
Management Suite
Customer Loyalty

VPOS Touch

Inventory management and cashless payment solutions


Contactless card reader and telemetry device featuring NFC and QR payments.

EV Meter Core

Mangement solution for the electric vehicle market


Management solution on-the-go


Mange and monitor your business remotely to boost operational efficiency

Management Suite

Streamline Operations and Drive Growth with Nayax Core Management Software

Marketing, Loyalty, & Consumer Engagement Platform

Boost your business with marketing and engagement tools


Connect customers in-store and online activity

EV Charging Payment Terminal and Management System Features 

Open Cashless Payments

Accept over 80 different cashless payment methods including credit and debit cards, EMV contact and contactless, mobile NFC payments, QR codes, prepaid cards, and more.

Billing & Clearing

As a Merchant of Record, we support 80+ payment methods, in 70+ countries, in 50+ currencies. We Support pre-authorizations and fixed prices.

Closed-Loop Payment Solutions

We offer physical and digital prepaid cards as well as customer loyalty solutions in environments such as the workplace or a multi-unit dwelling residence.

Physical Integrations

Integration between the payment terminal and the EV charging station.
Supports multi-session.

API based/Cloud Integrations

No physical data connection between payment device an EV charger but connecting with the CPMS instead.

OCPI server/Cloud-based Integrations

Manage the complete EV charging journey from our EV payment kiosk which can support several EV chargers.

Launch 2024


Benefits of an Open Payment System for EV Charging Stations

*Source: Mastercard consumer research

55 %

of main EV markets regulated in favor of open payments

65 %

of drivers want to pay with credit cards*

80 +

payment methods accepted globally

Nayax, Your Trusted Payments & Technology Partner

Nayax’s solutions provide you with the technology you need to future-proof your business and scale it risk-free. Our award-winning devices give your customers a simple and secure payment experience and provide your business with opportunities for growth. We stay ahead of the curve and are constantly ahead of the market when it comes to regulations and payment integrations.

Accepts All Payment Methods


How do I get started with Nayax Solutions for EV Charging?

Which cashless payment methods do Nayax devices accept?

Nayax devices accept credit and debit cards, EMV contact and contactless payments, prepaid cards, mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, and QR codes.

What does the processing fee cover?

Nayax’s processing fee is all-inclusive. It covers bank interactions, terminal fees, interchange fees, acquirer processing fees, merchant account fees, and chargebacks.

I already have a payment system, can I migrate my system to Nayax?

Yes, Nayax’s solutions are easy to integrate with and offer a retrofittable, plug and play installation.

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