Micro Markets and Self-Checkout Kiosks for Your Vending Business

The best cashless payment solution for vending machine operators and manufacturers

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Find the Right Solution for Your Micro Market Vending Business 

Small Vending Business
Small Vending Business
Nayax's Nova Market is suitable for small vending businesses who would like to expand their business into micro markets quickly and seamlessly.
Large Vending Business or Enterprise
Large Vending Business or Enterprise
The Nayax Core management platform can connect to other VMS or ERP to scale up a large micro market operation.
Our Products

Our Products for Your Micro Market Vending Businesses

Self-checkout kiosk
Management Suite
Loyalty Solutions

Nova Market

Self-checkout solution that redefines the in-store shopping experience for your customers.

Management Suite

Streamline Operations and Drive Growth with Nayax Core Management Software


Management solution on-the-go

Monyx Wallet

A payment app and consumer engagement platform

Top Features for Your Micro Market Vending Business

Fast and Intuitive Self-Checkout

With a pick-scan-pay model, customers will be in and out in a second, eliminating lines at checkout.

No Additional Assembly

Our out-of-the-box solution is complete with a built-in scanner and printer and requires no further assembly.

Consumer Engagement & Loyalty Programs

Drive repeat sales with Monyx Wallet’s loyalty programs, top-up bonuses, prepaid cards, and more.

On-Screen Promotions

Advertise promotions and deals on your Nova Market’s screen to attract customers and increase consumer engagement.

Employee or Student Welfare Benefits

Enable your customers to offer welfare benefits to their employees or students, such as meal vouchers or payroll deducted meals. Leverage employee cards and manage the balance via Nayax Core.

Multi-Language Interface

Choose from 15 languages and easily switch the interface to any of the pre-defined languages.

Software Integrations

Your Nova Market can integrate with other software platforms such as VMS and ERP.

Order Fulfillment

Use network printers to print bons at the kitchen printer for order fulfillment.

Digital Receipts

Leverage digital receipts with interactive designs to engage with your customers post-sale and gain valuable customer insights.


Why Micro Markets are Great for Your Vending Business

*Numbers show micro markets compared to vending locations

+ 40 %

Increase your

- 60 %

Reduce your
operational costs

2- 6 X

Increase your

Case studies

“For us, compared to the standard vending system that we’ve been using, the ease of use and traceability is just so hands down better. We’re just excited to see that we can save money and at the same time increase our sales.”

Bernard Streeter, Owner, S and S Vending


Increase in Sales

Nayax, Your Trusted Payments & Technology Partner

Nayax’s solutions provide you with the technology you need to future-proof your business and scale it risk-free. Our award-winning devices give your customers a simple and secure payment experience and provide your business with opportunities for growth. We stay ahead of the curve and are constantly ahead of the market when it comes to regulations and payment integrations.

Accepts All Payment Methods


How do you install Nayax’s self-checkout kiosk?

How do you install Nayax’s self-checkout kiosk?

Nayax’s self-checkout kiosk, Nova Market, is easy to set up. Watch the step-by-step installation tutorial here:

Can I manage a loyalty program for my micro market vending business?

Nayax offers several options for loyalty programs that help you increase sales. You can use physical or digital value cards,let consumers use meal vouchers, and offer meal deals.

Which payment methods do Nayax's self-checkout kiosks accept?

Nova Market accepts over 80 payment options, such as Visa, MasterCard, AliPay, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, Monyx Wallet, and Interac, and a variety of prepaid options. We offer global and local payment methods depending on your market.

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