EV Meter – Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

EV Charging Station Features

Charging stations designed for your commercial or residential EV charging business. 

Universal Charging Stations

Compatible with any EV or plug-in hybrid vehicle.  


22kW maximum power output. – (Futureproof) 

Embedded Payment System

Accept multiple forms of cashless payments: credit, debit, QR code, or prepaid cards.

Weather Resistant

Approved for both indoor and outdoor installation

24/7 Monitoring (remote updates)

Stay on top of your business anytime, anywhere with remote, real-time monitoring.  


Choose from 15 languages and improve customer experience with our unique voice interaction features. 

OCPP Supported

Manage your charging station with our dedicated management platform: EV Meter Core or integrate it with your current management system.

Electronic Safety

Built-in electronic RC 30 mA AC – 6mA DC fault current detection.

Commercial EV Charging Products

Maximize revenue and increase customer satisfaction with an open cashless payment system that allows EV drivers to pay with their favorite payment method, no subscriptions or memberships required. Our solutions also accept prepaid cards and provide closed-loop environment solutions.

Monitor assets in real time and control your charging stations from anywhere with our all-in-one EV charging solution.

Debit and credit cards

Swipe, contact or contactless, EMV chip cards

Mobile & NFC payments

Prepaid cards and closed environments

EV Meter Pay²

VPOS Touch

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EV Meter Smart


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Residential EV Charging Products

Our smart and sleek residential charging stations allow EV drivers to have complete control over their charging, no matter where they are. With our EV Meter Home App, available on iOS and Android, EV drivers can remotely start, stop, or schedule their charging from anywhere, monitor energy consumption, limit charging by kW, and track multiple authorized users.

Our EV Meter Smart residential charging stations come with EV Meter Core, a management platform that enables CPOs to accurately track and charge customers for the exact amount of electricity they consumed. We also offer a smart energy management module that helps optimize energy consumption to maintain grid stability.

Installations all around the world

Installations all around the world

EV Meter Charging Solutions
Cashless payments for EV chargers
EV Meter Charging Solutions

Charging the future forward

EV Meter develops smart electric vehicle charging stations for both residential and commercial markets. We offer reliable, technologically advanced products that give EV drivers an excellent charging experience. EV Meter also developed EV Meter Core, a robust cloud-based EV charging management suite.

EV Meter was developed by Nayax in 2015 in order to encourage EV adoption and to provide an accessible and seamless EV charging experience for EV drivers around the world.

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