Nayax’s Loyalty Card Solution Guarantees Income for South West Vending

South West Vending is a vending operator based in South Devon, UK. SW Vending operates snack, drink, and coffee machines, predominantly located in places of work. In 2020, a customer approached them about the possibility of implementing value cards to offer free drinks to employees as a perk, so they started to look for cashless payment options with built-in loyalty programs that could enable them to do just this.

They eventually partnered with Nayax because of its flexibility, its advanced payment options, and its all-in-one solution that provides operators with management and loyalty solutions in addition to payment technology.


Nayax's Loyalty Card Solution Guarantees Income for South West Vending


1. Easy to Manage

Nayax’s payment and loyalty solutions are easy to manage, and can be customized directly via Nayax Core, Nayax’s vending management system. Each value card can be configured, enabling employees to buy spend a predefined amount of money at their workplace vending and coffee machines either per day, per week, or per month. These cards can also be customized to allow employees to purchase certain items instead of per value.

2. Accurate Invoicing

Through Nayax Core, operators can access accurate data about daily, weekly, and monthly transactions. They can also generate sales and card reports, allowing them to accurately invoice their customers for the exact number of items distributed and consumed via the value cards.

3. Efficient Stock Refilling

Nayax Core and the MoMa 2.0 management app also provide data that clarifies which items sell better and when machines need to be refilled. This helps operators plan better and make sure that their site visits are timely and productive.

4. Save Time

The MoMa 2.0 management app also provides operators with real-time alerts which make operators aware of any adverse issues with machines before anyone else. This further streamlines their business and site visits, because they know when and where their attention is needed, helping them take care of issues almost instantly, protecting their profit margins.

5. Win-Win-Win Situation

Nayax’s value cards create a win-win-win situation. They enable operators to differentiate themselves from their competition, they support their customers’ employee retention efforts, and the employees get extra perks.


“MoMa is so useful – it’s actually genius.  Having my staff look up information in the app – for example, about cash takings, or whether a machine is turned on or off – saves me so much time. What I can get from MoMa in 10 seconds took me about 10 minutes with other solutions.” – Grant Clements, CEO of SW Vending


How Nayax’s Prepaid Card Management System Helps Vending Businesses Grow

Nayax’s prepaid card management system is an innovative solution that helps vending businesses grow by streamlining their operations and increasing their revenue. With the system’s advanced payment options, vending businesses that operate in closed environments can offer their customers more: the ability to offer employees extra perks via an employee welfare program which can be managed via the Nayax Core management system.

Nayax Core not only offers simple management for prepaid cards, but allows operators to manage every aspect of their business, from invoicing, to sales, to inventory, and more. With the handy MoMa 2.0 app, operators can stay on top of their business 24/7 and be the first to know about any issues that require their attention.

In short, if you’re a vending machine operator, Nayax covers all of your needs, from payments, to management, to loyalty solutions. If you operate in a closed environment, Nayax’s value cards and prepaid card management system help differentiate you from competition, and help guarantee your income. The system is easy to manage, generates accurate invoices, and provides data that enables you to restock your machines efficiently. If you’re looking to grow your vending business, contact us today.

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