Nayax Enhances BreakTime Group’s Unique Value Proposition and Provides Them with Guaranteed Income and Growing Sales

Nayax’s prepaid card management system helps vending operators offer a unique solution in closed environments, helping drive more revenue and increase customer satisfaction and spend.


BreakTime Group is a vending machine operator based in Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK, that sells snacks, drinks, and coffee. Their machines are for the most part located in closed work environments such as factories, call centers, and financial offices. BreakTime used to operate coin-operated vending machines, but found this very costly because the coin mechanism  required a lot of maintenance which led to machine downtime. They also noticed that their customers were carrying less and less cash, which also affected their sales.

When searching for a cashless payment solution for their vending machines, they came across Nayax and chose to go with it because, on top of offering an award-winning cashless payment solution, Nayax also brings added value to companies like BreakTime group. We’ll go into more detail below.


1. Switch to Cashless

As mentioned above, BreakTime group wanted to switch to cashless in order to improve their machines’ uptime by reducing the need for constant maintenance that coin-operated machines require. They therefore installed Nayax’s VPOS Touch card readers, which are EMV-certified and accept over various forms of cashless payments, including debit and credit cards, NFC, mobile payments, QR codes, and prepaid cards.


2. Boost Revenue

Accepting both open and closed loop payment methods is extremely beneficial for companies like BreakTime Group that operate in closed environments. This enables employees, for example, to pay with a closed-loop card that they may receive from their employer, but also allows for guests and visitors to pay for goods with an open-loop payment system such as their credit card. Accepting different forms of payment, especially the closed-loop value cards, has helped increase BreakTime Group’s machine sales.

Employees have been using the value cards instead of going to buy coffee outside of the office, and this has gotten them used to drinking coffee on the premises. This means that even when they run out of free drinks, they’re likely to purchase additional ones at the same machines. BreakTime Group has noticed a 20% increase in sales since they implemented Nayax’s cashless solution.


Nayax Enhances BreakTime Group's Unique Value Proposition and Provides Them with Guaranteed Income and Growing Sales


3. Increase Employee Satisfaction

Nayax enables companies like BreakTime Group to create value cards and to configure them on their own. For example, they can offer employees a certain amount of free hot drinks per day or per week. These perks can be changed based on data gathered at the VPOS terminal and telemetrically shared with the Nayax Core vending management system, which helps operators monitor sales, increase invoice accuracy, and streamline operations by restocking machines with relevant items before they run out. With most employers wanting their employees to return to the office, this added benefit can really help.


4. Guarantee Income

When employers that work with BreakTime Group choose to offer value cards to their employees, it creates a win-win-win situation. Employee satisfaction is increased, helping bring employees back to the office, and BreakTime Group can invoice the employer for the ‘free’ perks it provides its employees. These perks guarantee basic steady income for BreakTime Group.


“Having decided to introduce value cards for our customers, everything Nayax lets us do behind the scenes has made the initiative a huge success. We have seen a steady growth in our sales, and are able to enjoy a source of guaranteed income. Everyone’s got to a situation now where they want their staff back in the office, and if something as simple as a prepaid value card can help make this happen, people are positive. Nayax Core enables us to offer even more, which has definitely given us an advantage.” -Anna Rowatt, BreakTime Group


How Nayax’s Prepaid Card Management System Helps Vending Businesses Grow

Nayax’s advanced payment solution helps businesses around the world drive more sales by offering a simple and seamless payment experience to their customers. Accepting different forms of payment and being given the flexibility to customize your offering helps you bring the best user experience to your vending machines.

If your business operates vending machines, especially in closed environments, you can work together with the employers to create personalized deals for their employees. Via value cards or Monyx Wallet, Nayax’s digital payment app, you can create branded prepaid cards that employers can top up for their employees. You can also create special deals for employees such as happy hour discounts, punch card campaigns, special deals and promotions, and much more.

Bringing the possibilities of loyalty directly into the payment experience is a world that companies are just beginning to tap into, and the possibilities are endless. To discover Nayax’s payment and loyalty solutions, contact us today.

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