How Nayax’s Nova Market Helps Lotus Baking Supplies Stay Open 24/7

When Lotus Baking Supplies added a micro market self-checkout kiosk to their business, they didn’t expect that they would increase sales by 40%. See how Nayax’s Nova Market Self-Checkout Kiosk can help you boost your sales.


Lotus Baking Supplies is a small baking supply store that offers bakers professional baking supplies that they can’t find in a regular supermarket. They decided to add a micro market self-checkout kiosk to their business so that they could stay open 24/7. Nayax’s Nova Market not only allowed them to stay open for longer, but helped them lower operational costs and increase revenue. Learn how here:


1. Lower Operational and Labor Costs

Nayax’s Nova Market self-checkout kiosk allows shoppers to checkout by themselves. This enables businesses to stay open without the need for staff on site, allowing them to stay open for longer hours, 24/7 in Lotus’ case, without increasing their labor costs.


2. Average Amount Spent per Customer Increased

The simplified checkout process that the Nova Market offers encourages customers to spend more. With a 100% cashless checkout, customers no longer arrive at the store with exact change, and are more open to trying new products and to increasing their basket size.


3. Increased Sales by 40%

Since the Lotus Baking Supplies store has implemented a micro market model, it stays open 24/7. Their sales reports show that customers come in at midnight and even at 4 a.m. These extra hours have helped them increase overall sales by 40%.


“When we started, we were afraid we would lose customers who were used to paying in cash, but what actually happened was that the average amount spent per customer went up and kept going up.” – Lotus Baking Supplies


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How a Micro Market Kiosk Can Help Your Small Business Lower Costs and Boost Sales

Micro markets allow small stores and other honesty box type businesses to stay open 24/7 and to increase their sales. The flexibility that a self-checkout kiosk offers simplifies operations for business owners and simplifies the checkout process for customers. The get in, pay, and get out model often encourages customers to spend more, helping businesses grow without having to spend more money on operational and labor costs.

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