Increase Consumer Engagement with Punch Cards

Many times, operating an unattended machine can feel like a one-sided relationship. If you can’t interact with a consumer in person, how are you going to encourage repeat business? While it is more challenging to engage with consumers if they never meet you, it’s not impossible and the digital world has helped bridge that gap.

Introducing Nayax’s Punch Cards

People simply love free stuff and even if the reward is small, the incentive to return to the same store or vendor is more likely if a loyalty program has been set up. Punch cards, a popular loyalty program commonly seen in coffeehouses and other retail venues, can also be applied to vending machines, laundromats, kiddie rides and other unattended machines.

Acknowledging the importance of repeat business for its clients, Nayax is dedicated to increasing its consumer engagement capabilities. Nayax’s Management Suite now offers built-in consumer engagement campaigns, with Nayax creating an easily customizable digital punch card program.

Usage of the punch card program can encourage repeat business and build more active relationships with consumers. Users who download Monyx Wallet, Nayax’s digital app, and consumers in closed environments with prepaid cards using Monyx Wallet can enjoy the program.

Operators can advertise their promotions, communicating via a Nayax device’s screen, through posters near the machine venue, stickers on the machine or by messages on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Nayax's customizable digital punch cards help increase consumer engagement

Nayax is handing operators a dynamic consumer engagement tool on a plate


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Low-Cost Investment for Operators

The value in creating repeat customers, who are known to spend consistently, is recurring revenue, so it’s worth it to the operator to find a way to incentivize returning customers. A punch card program is an ideal method to make this happen. And, the cost of introducing a punch card campaign for the operator is minimal, compared to the amount received from the consumer who is working towards getting that free item. Operators give away one item, but ultimately gain a lot of business.

Punch Card Campaigns Are Customizable

For an operator, the punch card program can be easily set up from Nayax’s Management Suite, and can allow for several customizable parameters to be selected. For example, the operators can choose how much the consumer would need to spend for a purchase to count towards a punch, or which products count towards a punch, or how many punches are needed for a consumer to receive their free item. This ensures that the punch card program is tailored specifically to each operators’ business and needs.

Easy for Consumers and Operators

Paper punch cards are problematic as they are often lost or forgotten, and cashiers don’t always ask customers for the reward card at the point of sale. Additionally, without recording every transaction correlated with a punch, it’s harder for an operator to assess if this promotion is having any impact on revenue. With a digital version of punch cards, punches are tracked and monitored for the consumer in Nayax’s Management Suite, and operators can see the influence of the punch cards on the bottom line.

Digital punch cards are a win-win situation for both the consumer and operator. The consumers only need to show up with the Monyx Wallet app or their credit cards, and they will be rewarded for their loyalty, while operators have access to an effective tool to increase consumer engagement.

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