Powerdose Leverages Nayax’s Loyalty Solutions to Get More Returning Customers

Powerdose Group has automatic supplement dispensers in over 90 gyms in Australia. Powerdose chose to add Nayax card readers onto their supplement dispenser machines because of their added value: the Monyx Wallet payment and loyalty app. With Nayax’s complete solution, they are able to promote new products, and see consumption preferences and demographics so that they can make daily, data-driven decisions that improve their business.

1. Get Real-Time Data

Nayax’s vending management system helps operators receive real-time alerts and generate sales reports. These reports provide operators with important information about customer behavior, and can be filtered via payment method, product purchased, and more.

2. Make Smart Business Decisions

Armed with this data, vending operators can make smarter business decisions. By understanding what their customers consume, when they consume it, and how they pay for it, they can leverage this information to create special promotions, deals, and to engage with customers.

3. Get More Returning Customers

When you engage with customers, you give them an unforgettable experience; one which they’ll want more of. This can be done particularly easily if you offer customers the option to pay with Monyx Wallet, Nayax’s loyalty and payment app. Nayax’s management system allows you to create promotions, discounts, happy hours, punch card campaigns, and more based on your customers’ preferences that they can take advantage of via Monyx Wallet.


“The Monyx Wallet in particular is what we were looking for. We find the solution in the app has helped us get to where we are today. Our customer engagement grows on a day to day basis, and I think our increase will be somewhere between 100 to 200 people per day.”

Elie Hannoun, CEO, Powerdose


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How Nayax’s Monyx Wallet App Can Help You Increase Your On-Premise Vending Machine Revenue

If you are a vending operator that operates in closed-loop or on-premise environments, you’re at an advantage. Your customer base is already known to you, it’s consistent, and it’s guaranteed. This gives you an opportunity to leverage your offer and incentivize them to return and to purchase any time they’re on the premises in which your vending machines are located.

Monyx Wallet will help you do just this. By placing a QR code sticker next to your payment terminal, you can encourage your customers to download the app. Be sure to mention that they will receive special rewards if they pay for products with the app. Once they’ve downloaded the app, they will get to see any rewards, promotions, or campaigns you’ve created. Say you have a new product that you want to push, you can promote it with a 10% discount. Or what if you notice that less sales are made in the morning than in the afternoon? Offer a happy hour discount during those off hours to encourage more sales.

The world is your oyster, and Nayax helps you take advantage of all of these possibilities. With smart management, customizable dashboards and reports, and more, you can gain a full overview of your business, sales, products, customers, and inventory to continue to improve your business and drive more recurring sales.

Nayax gives you a complete solution, from an award-winning card reader, to cashless payment acceptance, to a vending management system, to loyalty programs. If you want to get started with Nayax, contact us today.

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