Fun for All Ages: Why You Should Add Kiddie Rides to Your Arcade Game Room

Arcades have been a staple of entertainment for decades. From pinball machines to classic arcade games, they have always been a go-to destination for people of all ages. But one thing they don’t often include is a simple, lower-tech form or entertainment: kiddie rides.

Though kiddie rides are only for small children, they can help increase the number of visitors to your arcade. Think of families with several children of different ages – kiddie rides can keep the younger ones happy while the older ones play arcade games. Below we will list a number of reasons why kiddie rides can help you improve your arcade game room.


1. Increase Foot Traffic

Kiddie rides don’t take up a lot of space and can be set up at the entrance to your arcade, helping attract attention to your business. Parents with young children are always on the lookout for fun and safe places to take their kids, and an arcade with kiddie rides is sure to catch their attention, and once they see what you have to offer inside, they might realize that they want to play a game too.


Fun for All Ages: Why You Should Add Kiddie Rides to Your Arcade Game Room


2. Create a Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Arcades have traditionally been seen as a place for preteens, teenagers, and young adults. Adding kiddie rides helps create a family-friendly atmosphere that will keep kids of all ages entertained. This will make your arcade an ideal location for family gatherings, birthday parties, and more, especially for families with multiple children. Offering something for everyone helps you increase your customer base.


3. Increase Game Room Revenue

Because they attract more customers, kiddie rides can be a great source of revenue for your arcade. Though they may not generate as much income as some of your other games, they are typically low maintenance and have a low cost of entry. This means that they can provide a steady stream of income with minimal investment.

In order to generate maximal income at your kiddie rides, you’ll want to install a cashless payment system. A contactless payment and telemetry device such as Nayax’s Onyx is ideal for this purpose. It’s compact, eye-catching, and has a LED lit frame. With an 85mm diameter, it fits on any automated machine and provides an exceptional customer experience. Its colorful touch screen can display price, either fixed pricing, multi-tier pricing, or allow your customers to pay-as-they-go, by duration. Onyx also helps increase customer engagement and retention with complimentary tools such as a customizable digital wallet, punch cards, discounts, gamifications, and more.

Though Onyx accepts many forms of payment including contactless credit and debit cards, NFC, QR codes, and prepaid cards, it does not accept contact payments. If your arcade is located in a place where contact payment methods are still popular, VPOS Touch may be a better alternative for you. It has all of the above-mentioned features that Onyx does, but also accepts contact payments.


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4. Low Maintenance Costs

As mentioned above, kiddie rides have low maintenance costs, and Nayax card readers help lower operational costs even further. They’re durable and can withstand weather or vandalism, and they have telemetry technology which enables live smart alerts which can let operators know in real-time about sales, customers, or any adverse incidents with their machines, helping them stay on top of their business at all times. Remote management also enables them to manage cash monitoring, alerts, and reports in real-time as well.

In conclusion, adding kiddie rides to your arcade game room can be a smart move for any arcade owner. By increasing foot traffic, keeping kids entertained, creating a family-friendly atmosphere, and increasing revenue, kiddie rides can be a valuable addition to any arcade. So if you’re looking to attract a wider range of customers and increase your overall revenue, consider adding kiddie rides to your arcade today! Contact us to learn more.

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