Offer Customizable Pricing Options to Upsell Customers with Multi-Price Mode

One sure way to increase your business’ profitability is by increasing your average transaction value. If customers spend more every time they make a purchase from your machine, your business will grow exponentially. But how do you do this? Nayax card readers offer a simple solution: multi-price mode. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Multi-Price Mode?

Multi-price mode is a pricing structure that allows you to display up to six different prices on your card reader screen, so that you can offer your customers several pricing options for different products or services.


What Are the Benefits of Multi-Price Mode?

Improve Customer Experience

Diversifying your offering with more pricing options empowers your customers to choose the product or service that is right for them. Whether you charge different amounts based on time or use or type of service, you can use multi-price mode to offer special deals.

Easily Upsell Customers

If you choose your multi-price options strategically, you can easily upsell customers by offering them better deals the more they spend. For example, if they want to use your machine for 1 minute for $1, offer them 3 minutes at $2.50 and so on. Customers are more likely to choose the 3 minute option, because the price difference isn’t huge, but they get much more value out of it.

Increase ATV & Revenue

Once you implement multi-price mode, you’ll quickly see your average transaction value grow, and this will have a very positive impact on your overall revenue and profits.

What Machines Is Multi-Price Best For?

Multi-price mode is most popular for car washes, coffee machines, ticket machines, massage chairs, photo booths, laundry machines, arcades, and other automated machines. Multi-price mode can help you generate more revenue per transaction.

Self-Service Car Wash and Air/Vac Machines

Setting multiple prices for your car wash or air/vac services allows your customers to choose between different types of wash or different lengths of service.

Coffee Machines

Allow customers to choose between an espresso, americano, latte, cappuccino, or whatever else you’d like to offer – all with a simple touch screen on your coffee machine card reader.

Ticket Machines

Offer a single ride, multiple rides, a weekly or monthly pass, and any other option you see fit at your ticketing machine.

Massage Chairs

Offer a different lengths of service at attractive prices at your massage chairs and get people to stay longer and spend more.

Photo Booths

Use multi-price mode to offer multiple photos package deals at your photo booths.


Easily upsell customers by offering different prices for hot, warm, and cold washes, or for a wash and dry together at your self-service laundromat.


Learn how arcade operators increased their sales by up to 350% at certain locations with multi-pricing.

Multi-price mode is an easy way for operators to increase average transaction value while providing their customers with an enhanced experience. If you’re looking for advanced payment solutions with a multi-pricing option for your automated machines, contact us here.

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