Consumer Engagement FAQs

How can I take advantage of Nayax’s marketing tools?

Use Nayax’s management system to engage with your consumers more directly, nurture loyalty and increase your sales. Built-in promotions like loyalty discounts, coupons and happy hours are easy to customize for your consumer market and can be used to encourage repeat business.

How can the VPOS Touch be used for advertising?

When the VPOS Touch’s color screen is in idle mode it can be used to promote any specials you have running or advertise specific products.

How does Monyx Wallet offer more sales opportunities?

Monyx Wallet, Nayax’s own mobile wallet app, can be used in prepaid environments to incentivize consumers to purchase items more regularly. This can be done when you offer free items with virtual coupon cards. You can also customize top-up sites for revaluing prepaid cards to encourage more sales.