Why EV Charging Stations Need Open Cashless Payments

The USA and Europe have both set ambitious goals for EV adoption over the next few years. However, potential EV drivers still face many hurdles that are keeping them from buying EVs, one of them being the limited EV charging payment methods. Many EV charging stations only accept payments from people who have signed up to use their apps. These memberships often charge a monthly fee, a subscription fee, or require EV drivers to download proprietary apps in order to use the charging stations. This is not only inconvenient, but provides a bad user experience and limits access to EV charging station, impeding the further adoption of EVs.

There is a simple solution, however. Installing EV chargers with payment terminals and enabling EV charging stations to accept open cashless payments will open doors for EV drivers, allowing them to easily access chargers and pay for a charge much as they would have paid for gas. An open cashless payment system has many benefits, which we will highlight below.

Better User Experience

EV drivers will be more satisfied with an open cashless payment system. Accepting more EV charging payment methods will allow them to choose how they pay. Whether they choose to swipe their debit card, tap their credit card, or pay via a digital wallet, EV drivers will be empowered to choose the payment method that fits their needs.

More Revenue for CPOs

Charge point operators (CPOs) who implement EV chargers with payment terminals will quickly see revenue growth. Installing a card reader on charging stations is simple with plug & play installation and can greatly improve CPOs revenue as it will encourage more EV drivers to charge at their charging stations. EV drivers prefer open cashless payments as it allows them to pay with their preferred payment method and removes the hassle of downloading apps or subscribing to an EV charging service. When they use EV roaming which allows them to charge anywhere, they will more likely search for EV chargers with payment terminals.  Offering open cashless payments ensures that, as a CPO, you never miss out on a potential sale.


Why EV Charging Stations Need Open Cashless Payments

Encourage EV Adoption

As mentioned above, one of the obstacles standing in the way of wider EV adoption is the limited EV charging payment methods. This is a widespread issue, affecting EV drivers around the world. But luckily, it has a simple solution: EV chargers with payment terminals that accept any form of cashless payments. Offering open cashless payments will encourage more potential EV drivers to take the leap, growing your potential customer base and therefore your revenue.

Increased Security at EV Charging Stations

Since the widespread adoption of EMV chip technology, credit and debit cards have become one of the most secure payment methods. Mobile wallets also offer a more secure payment experience than proprietary apps do, as these apps can be vulnerable to hacking. Apps also save credit card tokens and other sensitive information which make them less secure.

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Seamless and Efficient Charging

And last but not least, electric car charging stations with a payment system offer a quicker and more seamless experience to EV drivers. Charging can be initiated with just the tap of a card instead of an arduous identification process that requires downloading or logging in to a closed system.

Nayax’s Open Cashless Payment Systems

So, have we convinced you to start accepting open cashless payments? What if we told you that we have an even better offer? Nayax is the first to offer EV charging stations with built-in payment terminals which not only allow you to include open cashless payment systems for your EV charging stations, but allow you to do so with just one point of contact. To get started, contact Nayax today.

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