The Mystery of a Wireless Telemetry System, Protocols & Nayax’s Amit

Machines talking to machines – that is basically the definition of telemetry. For most people, however, the actual “how” of their machines working is not important. They just want them to work. But unattended, automated devices are all about communication, or telemetry. How does a machine know how much money to take from a customer’s credit card? When does a machine know that a customer has actually paid? At which point does a machine know that a transaction is complete?

Nayax’s telemetry solution

Telemetry, is an important aspect of Nayax’s all-in-one, complete solution. And Nayax’s AMIT device is the central point where all this communication takes place – it’s basically the brains behind the operations! With AMIT, Nayax can offer communication optimization via a management platform due to a multi-operator roaming SIM. This provides 99.99% availability with managed roaming between operators. And operators are protected with Nayax’s 24/7 NOC (network operations center), that ensures servers are being monitored at all times.

Telemetry also provides status reports on any number of items – all to help operators manage their business. This has the effect of turning any unattended device into a 24/7 retail outlet. Operators can easily get answers that allow them to transform their business at any time, whether it be day-to-day decisions, or formulating long-term plans. Telemetry provides operators with complete information including number of transactions, cashless and cash sales, inventory status, event reports, and more.

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Telemetry also expedites IoT, enabling operators to gather the necessary data to strengthen customer engagement.

AMIT - Nayax's telemetry solutionCommunicating via Protocols

Telemetry is facilitated by protocols – industry-standards utilizing a set of rules to govern the exchange or transmission of data between devices. Different machines use different protocols, and many times, specific protocols are more popular in different countries. For example, the Executive protocol is a standard that is commonly found in European countries such as France, Italy and Spain.

We support a wide range of protocols, suitable for the most popular machines. This allows operators to purchase the best-designed machine for their products, from any manufacturer, from any location. At the same time, they can be confident that Nayax’s cashless solution can work with their machines. For example, if a machine manufacturer in Germany implements the ccTalk protocol in their machine, a vending operator in the US using that machine can be confident that Nayax can work with that protocol, thereby ensuring the ability to use Nayax’s cashless payment solution.

Nayax’s supported protocols

Early on, Nayax recognized that our telemetry support would need to handle a wide range of protocols. This is due to Nayax’s far-flung operation around the world and the need to support our internationally-based customers’ machines. We recognize a wide range of protocols, including MDB, Executive, VCCS, Fuji, JVMA, and ccTalk.

Also, Nayax has developed its own proprietary protocol for PC-based machines named the Marshall protocol.

This extensive line of protocols communicates with Nayax’s telemetry protocols (DEX, DDCMP, Fuji, JVMA).

All of this communication leads to one purpose – to close the loop between desire and reality. Customers receive their product or service. Operators receive the information they need to make critical decisions regarding their business.

Nayax’s telemetry, helped by the brains of our operation, makes it all transparent for everyone involved in the transaction. Get started now.

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