How to Prevent Spoilage in Your Vending Machines

Vending machines offer a convenient way for people to purchase snacks and drinks on-the-go. However, vending machine operators face many challenges, notable in inventory management, because they are not always on site. A vending management system can solve these problems, helping operators stay on top of their business, and most importantly, prevent spoilage.


Regular Product Inspection and Rotation

One of the most important ways to prevent spoilage in vending machines is by regularly inspecting and rotating products. Rotating products on a first-in and first-out basis ensures that products will be purchased in the order they were made. Keeping track of expiration dates will help you do this, and when you’re restocking a machine and notice that one of your products’ expiration dates is coming up, you can mark down its price to maximize your profits and reduce spoilage.

How to Prevent Spoilage in Your Vending Machines


Monitor Temperature

Keep products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, and ensure that products that need to be refrigerated are stored in a refrigerator until they are ready to be loaded into the machine. Once you’ve stocked your products in your machine, you want to make sure that, with the help of telemetry technology, you have 24/7 access to your machines’ temperature. In order to ensure that your vending machines are functioning at the proper temperature, you can set temperature alerts via your vending management system (VMS) so that you are notified whenever there is a drastic change in your machine’s temperature.

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Clean Your Vending Machine

You should clean your vending machines thoroughly once every three months. This can take  a couple of hours, so we recommend that you do this during off hours. Check out our guide on how to clean your vending machine here.


Inventory Management Tools

Inventory management tools such as product maps and picklists can help you stay on top of your products, restock them on time, and know which ones you’re selling more or less of. These features not only help you save time when you restock, but also help you reduce spoilage by knowing exactly what is in your vending machines at all times. Product maps tell you which products are located in which position in your vending machine, and picklists tell you how many of each products there are. They are updated in real time based on sales, and give you a full overview of your machines at any given time.

In conclusion, preventing spoilage in vending machines requires a combination of effective inventory management, proper storage, and regular cleaning and maintenance. By following these tips, vending machine operators can ensure that their products remain fresh and appealing to customers.

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