How to Attract More Returning Customers to Your Self-Service Car Wash

As a self-service car wash business owner, you’re always looking for ways to increase your revenue. One foolproof way to do this is to turn your one-time customers into loyal, returning customers. Loyal customers are likely to spend more at a brand they like, and to go their most often.

So, how do you get your customers to wash their cars repeatedly at your business? You offer them an unforgettable experience. When customers have a good experience at a business, they remember it, and they may even tell their friends about it. However, business owners may feel like they don’t have full control over their customers’ experience, because they can’t always be there to ensure that things are running smoothly, especially if they run a self-service business. If you run a self-service car wash, here are some ways you can ensure your customers have a good experience, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your revenue growth.


How to Attract More Returning Customers to Your Self-Service Car Wash


1. Seamless Payments

A good car wash POS ensures a seamless payment experience for customers. When customers can simply whip out their credit card or phone and pay for the service with a tap, it helps them save time and provides them with added convenience. A simple, seamless experience is crucial for your car wash.

2. Choice and Agency

Giving customers agency is also important. Giving them the option to choose between a cold, warm, and hot wash, for example, gives them a sense of control, especially if you include different pricing for each option. A multi-pricing feature can help increase your sales by upselling customers without much effort on your part. Just set up the different prices in the back office and they’ll be displayed on the POS screen for your customers to choose from.


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3. Loyalty Programs

Beyond giving your customers agency, you want to give them something more: a sense of importance. Making them feel appreciated and cared for by a business, even if you’re not there, is an art within itself. However, there’s a simple way to do this: setting up customized loyalty programs via a payment app. Whether it be punch card campaigns, happy hour discounts, or other promotions, these little gestures make customers feel special and add to their experience, ensuring that they return.

4. Prepaid Cards

And if you really want to make it easy for your customers, provide them with the option to get a prepaid card that they can top up and use only at your business. This will make them feel an even stronger sense of belonging and loyalty to the business. These cards don’t have to be physical, as you can create branded, digital cards via the Monyx Wallet app, not only allowing your customer to pay with a simple tap of their phone, but enabling them to earn points directly from the app and to spend these rewards on site, whether it be via top-up bonuses, cashback, or other rewards.

In conclusion, if you want your customers to return to your business, you’ve got to put a little effort into it. This starts with getting an advanced car wash POS with a large, interactive touch screen, multi-pricing options, and acceptance of any form of payment. Beyond this, you’ll also want to ensure that your customers feel valued with personalized loyalty programs that encourage them to return. These simple steps will ensure your self-service car wash business‘ success. To get started with Nayax’s car wash solutions, contact us today.

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