7 Reasons to Offer EV Charging at Your Business

Installing an EV charger at any business or organization can be a great way to attract new customers, maintain employee satisfaction, boost your sustainability, and literally get yourself on the map.

Sustainability (or lack there of) is becoming a concern for people around the world, and businesses are looking for ways to become more sustainable to do their part to help curb the climate crisis while also encouraging employees and customers to do the same. This is where EV adoption and making the world more accessible for EV drivers come into play. Companies that adopt this growing trend can reap the benefits of offering EV charging, get tax breaks, improve branding, and much more.

Installing EV charging stations at your business has many benefits, and also costs less than you may expect. With electric vehicles becoming more popular than ever, investing in EV charging today seems like a better bet than ever before. Check out these seven reasons you should install EV charging stations at your business.

1. Attract New People to Your Business and Get on the Map

Adding an EV charging station on-site gets you on the map, literally. It’s quite simple: anyone who drives an electric vehicle knows that they need to plan their journeys (especially long ones) according to where chargers are located. Many of them download apps with maps that show where charging stations are located, so when you install an EV charger at your location, you’re getting your business on the map. This helps you get more brand awareness, and makes you an attractive option for EV drivers to do business. Even the fastest chargers take 15 minutes to charge a car, so drivers need to find something to do while they charge. This is a great deal for shop and even restaurant owners who want to attract new business and customers while doing their part for the environment. EV drivers are also very likely to return to places they know have chargers, so you can build a loyal customer base among this segment. 

2. Generate Revenue

In addition to the tax benefits that we’ll touch on in a bit, installing EV chargers at workplaces can give you the chance to generate an additional source of revenue. You can choose to manage and monetize your charging network by becoming charge point operator. 

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3. Promote Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is a hot topic today, and we constantly hear about companies trying to go green, reduce their carbon footprint, and do their part to save the environment. It’s become somewhat of an expectation that in today’s day in age, companies exhibit corporate social responsibility and do their part to protect the environment. Installing EV chargers is one of the most significant ways to make a true impact on your company’s sustainability model. By installing an EV charger on-site, your business is doing its part in changing the EV landscape, by giving EV drivers access to charging stations. This is a critical step in promoting EV adoption, as knowing that they have charging stations along the way helps reduce range anxiety for drivers.

4. Futureproof Your Business

Businesses that implement EV infrastructure are investing in the future of their business. EV sales are continuing to grow, and many regulations in the United States and Europe are encouraging this growth. By 2035, CO2 emitting cars will no longer be sold in the European Union. The trend to EVs will soon not be a trend, it will be a must, and preparing your business for this future will help you stay ahead of the curve. 

7 Reasons to Offer EV Charging at Your Business


5. Make it Part of Your Benefits Package

Adding EV chargers in a company’s parking lot can be included as part of the benefits package for your employees. In other words, when new employees come in and are discussing terms including vacation and sick day, hours, etc., employers can offer EV charging stations as a benefit for the employee from the get-go. While this may seem small and relatively insubstantial, gestures like these are what keep employees around and make them feel heard and appreciated. Even if an employee doesn’t have an EV when they start working at the company, they will enjoy the idea of having access to a charger if necessary, in the future.

Having EV chargers is also a statement in the eyes of interviewees at the company. Presenting the idea of having EV chargers to people interested in working at the company shows a lot about the company’s personality and ideals. It shows commitment to sustainability and the planet’s future, a potential breaking point for many potential bags.

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6. Tax Breaks 

Governments across the world are making noticeable efforts to encourage the adoption of EV vehicles. This includes promoting the relevant infrastructure. After all, if there aren’t chargers, EVs can’t become a part of our everyday future. This is exactly why the U.S. and other governments have created incentive packages as well as subsidies for those who decide to take on the responsibility of installing EV chargers at the workplace. Tax credits can be given in the U.S. at a federal, state and/or local level.

7. Be an Industry Leader

The world needs certain companies to come forward and promote new technologies and ways to help our environment remain green and functional. Today, we’re still at the crossroads that new companies can get in and become industry leaders in the EV scene. While many major companies have already announced bold initiatives to reduce and eliminate carbon footprint, there is still the opportunity for new companies to get in on the trend before it’s too late (and like every trend, there will become a point that charging stations are so popular that the advantage of purchasing one diminishes. This is why getting in on the game at this point is essential. Companies that choose to wait for the idea to expand and for more people to buy EVs will most likely miss the opportunity.

EV Charging Stations: A Chance for Companies to Set Themselves Apart in Today’s Landscape

The benefits of installing EV charging stations on your campus or commercial property are wide and vast. The issue is that many businesses are overwhelmed with the thought of getting involved in the EV market. However, with Nayax, you can make the transition to electric mobility easier than ever. Our chargers combined with our backend management system is the ideal situation for any business, combining sales, energy systems, billing, and more. With our weather-proof and future-proof level 2 AC chargers, you’ll know that you’re investing in technology that will last for years. Even better, our chargers use smart energy management techniques to balance electricity to make sure you’re not wasting any.

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