Why do I see a Nayax charge?

Why do I see a Nayax charge on my bank statement?

Did you buy something at a vending machine or use another unattended machine such as kiddie ride, air-vac, or car wash? Your bank statement may show a charge to “Nayax” instead of the name of the business with which you made a purchase. It’s most likely that you’ve bought something from or used a service of one of our customers.

Is the charge more than you expected?
If the charge you see on your bank statement or credit card bill is bigger than the quoted price of the product or service, the operator might have added an extra service charge for using a credit card. The extra service fee would be displayed on a sticker on the machine with which you made your purchase. Please note some machines hold the maximum amount of the transactions and release the funds after making a selection.

If you have any further questions about a Nayax charge, please contact us.

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