Nayax Australia Continues to Transform the Unattended Automated Market in Australia

Commitment to Customers Results in Lower Pricing and Improved Support

Following the recent acquisition of VendCheck in Australia, Nayax turned its focus to customer satisfaction, to improve every aspect of the customer experience. Being part of the global Nayax family has given Nayax Australia the resources and support to make numerous changes. These investments have resulted in lower pricing, better customer support and more efficient operations, all to the benefit of Nayax Australia’s customers and, in turn, their consumers.

Nayax Australia has successfully renegotiated several agreements and subsequently will be reducing customers’ monthly costs. These changes include:

  • Significantly reducing transaction rates after negotiations with Card Access Services, resulting in the removal of sign-up fees and lowering of monthly merchant fees for those customers with CAS and Paymate
  • Instituting a reduction of monthly fees for clients currently on the $16 plan, due to renegotiating SIM card pricing with Nayax Australia’s telecommunication carrier companies

“Not only has Nayax Australia worked hard to make the acquisition of VendCheck an easy transition for us, we are enjoying all the changes implemented until now,” said Phil Hodges, Managing Director, Gold Coast Laundry Equipment. “As a distributor of laundromat equipment, our customers will see substantial savings with these changes, making it easy to recommend they install Nayax’s cashless payment systems in their washers and dryers.”

Customer Support & Service Improvements

Nayax Australia have also been making improvements in the realm of customer satisfaction, support and service. This includes:

  • Ramping up staffing to ensure that all customer support and service issues are quickly resolved
  • Creating a repair center to address local needs swiftly, so customers receive repaired units within days
  • Upgrading the operation’s infrastructure, including telecommunications, CRM system and support
  • Simplifying customers’ invoice payments with the introduction of credit card and direct deposit transactions

“There’s always some trepidation when your supplier is acquired. Happily, Nayax Australia has done everything right by their customers,” says Katrina McKiernan, Operations Manager, Gecko Vending. “If there are any problems with any of our devices, I can be confident that the issue will be taken care of quickly and painlessly, so that we minimize our loss. I feel well taken care of by their entire team, whether I have a billing question or a device needs to be repaired.”

“With the acquisition of VendCheck, it was our intent to position Nayax Australia as the pacesetter in cashless payment solutions,” said Dylan Winik, Operations Director, Nayax Australia. “In just 6 months we’ve invested heavily and worked diligently to improve our customers’ experiences and increase customer satisfaction. Completing renegotiations to reduce costs, revamping our infrastructure and boosting staffing has shown Nayax’s commitment to our Australian customers while bring direct benefits to our clients and their consumers.”

About Nayax

Nayax, a global IoT platform for unattended payments, telemetry and management tools, uniquely developed for the retail market was established in 2005. Over 200,000 devices are using Nayax solutions worldwide, in more than 55 countries. Nayax’s line of innovative products allows unprecedented marketing opportunities and capabilities for unattended machine operators to engage with their consumers. Point of sale options are flexible to enable future-proof cashless payment options from around the globe, including mobile payments, credit cards, QR codes, Nayax’s proprietary Monyx Wallet app and other social wallets. Nayax’s solutions are compliant with all automated machine protocols and are plug-and-play with all machines. Nayax’s goal is to bridge the gap of the unattended market and to transform point-of-sales into a 24/7 neighborhood store. For more information, contact

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