Nayax Announces Incremental Authorization of EMV-Compliant Multi-Vend Transactions for U.S. Vending Operators

First unattended payment solution provider to deliver EMV incremental authorization offers greater revenue opportunity to customers

HERZLIYA, Israel, February 2, 2022 – Nayax Ltd. (TASE: NYAX), the leading cashless payments provider, announced today that Nayax is the first cashless solutions provider to offer incremental authorization for EMV-compliant multi-vend transactions for food and beverage vending operators in the U.S. Incremental authorization allows multiple product selections at a machine with a single transaction, but unlike traditional multi-vend, the initial pre-authorized amount is only for the lowest priced item in the machine vs. what is typically the highest total transaction amount, and the transaction compliantly settles for the final amount. This will generate greater revenue potential for Nayax customers by making it easier for consumers to quickly purchase more with each transaction. Working closely with card brands and processing partners, Nayax addresses the need for operators to accept EMV-compliant, multi-vend transactions without large pre-authorization holds.

Incremental authorization transaction flows are commonly found in many industries, including fuel and parking. By incrementally adjusting a lower authorized amount upward to the final settlement price, it lessens the previous issues associated with multi-vend transactions that created overdrafts and confusion for consumers. Currently, the incremental authorization flow is available for tap and insert EMV credit card transactions on multi-vend capable food and beverage machines enabled with a Nayax VPOS Touch.

The advantages to operators implementing multi-vend with incremental authorization span the entire customer journey. With consumers spending more, operators benefit from an increase in revenue. Additionally, since incremental authorization eliminates the excessively high pre-authorization holds that lead to negative consumer experiences, operators benefit from reduced chargebacks and fewer unhappy customer service calls due to what are often perceived as overcharged purchases appearing as pending transactions on consumers’ credit card statements.

“At Nayax we pride ourselves on listening to the pain points of our operators and finding solutions to fix these problems. We are excited to be the first payment solution provider to implement EMV incremental authorization and solve the negative consumer experience historically associated with multi-vend transactions in our industry. This lets Nayax offer the potential for increased sales and revenue with little downside, leading to superior customer satisfaction and growth,” said Carly Furman, CEO, Nayax LLC. “Working with our talented technology and payment teams, we have continued to provide the most innovative, compliant and secure solutions our customers are asking for.”

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