Who is Nayax?

Nayax – your cashless payment solutions provider

We are a leading cashless, telemetry, management, monitoring & BI solutions provider for the unattended machine industry, including vending machines, kiosks, automated car washes, laundromats (street and on-premise), amusement games, kiddie rides, office coffee services and more. Our solution is compatible with all forms of credit, debit, prepaid, and postpaid cards, and mobile apps, in the form of contact, swipe, & contactless payment. Our system is compliant with all automated vending machine protocols, fits to all machines, and provides the hardware, software, SIM cards, connectivity, credit card clearing, and management & monitoring solutions to energize your unattended business. Our platform includes proprietary hardware and software, SIM cards and credit card clearing – for plug ‘n play capabilities with virtually all machines, designed in-house to fit your needs. The Nayax Cashless Payment & Telemetry System has worldwide wireless coverage, the latest technology and secure access to the Nayaxvend back office – your online management and control application. With over 10 years’ experience in this field, processing over 26 currencies, we’re at the forefront of automated unattended machine operation technologies. This provides everything your business needs to reduce costs and increase profit margins.

Nayax futureproofs your business

With LTE 4G connectivity and EMV-certification, we ensure a future-proof solution ideal all unattended machines. Capabilities include instant refunds, e-receipts, revaluing cards, two-tiered pricing, ability to plan sales re dates/times/products and more. These capabilities allow you to improve productivity and consumer engagement.

Nayax – award-winning solutions!

EVEX 2017 –
VPOS Touch, Payment system of the year

Vending International – 2017 Vendies UK Winner – Payment System of the Year

VPOS Payment System of the Year i- Vendies 2017

Vending Star 2017 –
VPOS Touch, Best Concept

Winner if the Euvend Vending Star award is Nayax, the leading cashless payment device provider for unattended machines including office coffee services.

Vending International – 2016 Vendies UK Winner – Best Payment System

CMA 2015 Contactless Mobile Awards Winner – Best payment solution in the unattended industry

Automatic Merchandiser – 2015 Pros to Know
Nayax Embedded Software Group

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