Public Transport Ticketing & Payment Platform

Go beyond prepaid ticketing for transportation with an open payment solution. Nayax Transit offers a payment solution for visitors, occasional travelers, or regular commuters with contactless payment and QR codes.

Travelers don’t need to commit to prepaid cards or buy a ticket before boarding. By just tapping a credit card or scanning a QR code your passengers are ready to ride.

Nayax Transit eases the travel experience for passengers while simplifying the ticket validation and payment management system for operators.

Introducing open cashless payments to public transportation
Pay and ride with Nayax, an open & closed loop public transport ticketing & payment platform

Introduce open cashless payments for increased operational efficiency

Streamlined service for transport operators

Reduced operation costs

Simplifies payment complexity

Insights with Business Intelligence

Real-time monitoring & alerts

Transport Management Solutions:

Plug and play solutions – ticket validators + ticket inspector devices

Monitoring & remote management

Contactless payment, mobile wallets & QR codes

Global payment integrations

Account-based ticketing

Reporting suite

BI for data analysis & insights

Payment gateway

Accessible ticketing for commuters

Seamless experience

Convenient & fast transactions

Multiple contactless payment choices

No pre-purchased bus tickets needed

Onyx Go and Onyx Go Plus

Contactless payment solutions for public transport

Part of Nayax’s Onyx series, these contactless payment solutions are designed for urban transportation. The Onyx Go gives commuters multiple cashless payment options. The Onyx Go Plus includes a QR scanner for payment with QR code and bar code scanning.

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