Managing a network of unattended automated vending machines can be a logistical nightmare. Nayax’s Management & Monitoring Solution arms operators with powerful back-office capabilities so they can keep track of transactions and communications in real-time.

The Nayax System gives you a wide range of alerts and notifications, which can be received via SMS or email. Specific alerts can be customized and sent to relevant personnel, including route-refilling agents. This allows for the quickest response possible. As a result, the machine(s) in question can be quickly and easily added to the following day’s maintenance/refilling schedule, as needed.

Nayaxvend Video Guides

Watch the below info videos to learn how Nayaxvend’s features
can make a difference to your cashless, unattended machine business.

How to Refund Money Easily in Attended Retail

Learn More about the Nayax Flexible Hierarchy Structure

Visualize Business KPIs with Nayax’s Customizable Dashboard


Increase efficiency

Manage machine attributes

Designate and receive alerts via email and SMS

Nayax Remote Management provides tools to stay on top of all machine operations in real time. These opersations include:

Product Maps
Cash Management
Inventory Control
Machine Maintenance
Route Scheduling
Hardware, Software & System Parameter Modification
Real time Customer Refunds (via mobile telephone)
Remote Product Dispensation
Dynamic Pricing
Sales, Discounts & Promotional Activities
Prepaid Card Management
Cash Monitoring