Cashless credit card reader for vending and pulse machines

Nayax’s Virtual Point of Sale

Looking for a vending machine contactless payment solution? Nayax’s VPOS is the vending machine debit card reader that will transform your business. Give your customers the flexibility to pay any way they choose.

A universally certified solution, VPOS utilizes the latest technology so cashless vending machine operators are able to accept all forms of payment with the added benefits of easy installation, clearance, monitoring, and management. VPOS provides an all-in-one solution for magnetic swipe, contact, and contactless operations for unattended automated machines.



Part of a Complete Cashless Payment System

VPOS is one arm of a complete cashless payment solution. The system seamlessly integrates with telemetry, cashless clearance, monitoring, management, and business analytics offerings to facilitate a full-service vending payment solution that is secure, durable, and reliable.

Communicate with your Consumers

Communicating with users has long been a challenge for operators of unattended cashless vending machines. VPOS enables voice interaction with your consumer in the local language. Additionally, two languages can be displayed to better facilitate consumer interaction.

Plug and Play

VPOS is easy to install and use and is compatible with all automated machine standards. Nayax takes care of all software updates remotely to ensure that your devices benefit from the latest technology and are up to date with payment standards and requirements.

Ensures security

To make your consumers feel at ease using the VPOS the card reader which meets the highest industry standards, including advanced encryption capabilities with EMV certification. Nayax’s contactless payment machine is certified by EMVCo (levels 1 & 2), CE, FCC, RoHS, MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave, and PCI DSS.

Boosts sales

A cashless payment card reader brings in more sales and increases your bottom line because it’s not limited to those carrying cash. Take of advantage of impulse shopping when you give your consumer choices other than cash. With VPOS’s multiple payment methods, you can serve a wider market, and give a boost to your sales.

Any cashless payment method

Nayax strives to provide every payment method on the market so that no consumer is turned away and no sales is missed. VPOS works with credit and debit cards that are swipe, contact or contactless, as well as prepaid cards, PayPal and NFC payments.

VPOS also accept mobile payment apps including Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Interac, Twint, MobilePay, Paytm, Swish, and Monyx – Nayax’s own mobile payment app. VPOS also accepts static and dynamic QR codes and social payments apps Alipay & WeChat as payment.

Multiple Markets

VPOS devices are not just vending solutions!

Nayax offers contactless payment solutions that work for all markets and the VPOS is a versatile payment terminal, which works for all types of machines. Whether you have a laundromat, car wash or public bathroom business, VPOS can work for you.

Other verticals VPOS serves are photo booths, massage chairs, kiddie & amusement rides, prize machines, donations, kiosks, printing & photocopiers, office coffee machines, transportation tickets and electric vehicle charging stations.

More about the VPOS

Eye-catching design

The VPOS, Nayax’s leading cashless payment device is available in both yellow and black.

Global coverage

Nayax devices can be found on machines all over the world with over 200,000 VPOS devices supported.

24/7 connection

Never lose connection with VPOS’s dual support, offering connections via wi-fi and 4G/LTE capable cellular network. If cellular signal fails the device can switch to wi-fi, or vice versa, ensuring your device is always connected.

Anti-fraud thresholds

Prevent fraudulent transactions from taking place on your machine. With VPOS you can set the amount of transactions a card can be accepted on a machine within a day.

Remote refunds

With the VPOS you can offer better customer service courtesy of Nayax’s instant refund feature, which is administered remotely via Nayax’s Management Suite.