Nova Market

Cashless Payment Solution For Micro Markets

Redefining consumer experience with interactive self-checkout technology

Nova Market is a self-checkout solution, ideal for custom-designed Micro Markets and other self-served businesses. With a fast and intuitive checkout process, Nova Market is suitable for any number of products and enables operators and merchants to offer a greater variety in their Micro Markets. Nova Market seamlessly integrates with NayaxVend and Nayax BI management suites providing vending operators a unified solution to manage their vending, Micro Markets and other business verticals supported by Nayax.


Add Micro Markets to your business

Combining vending and Micro Markets on one platform

Scalable and flexible set-up

An array of cashless payment methods

Integrates with NayaxVend management software


Point-of-sale systems for micro markets

Secure payment devices

Powered by VPOS Touch, Nayax’s proven cashless payments solution.

Multiple cashless payments

Consumers can pay with credit & debit cards, chip cards, employee cards and other prepaid cards. The card readers also accept contactless, NFC, and mobile payment apps, and this includes QR codes for social wallets like Alipay and WeChatPay.

Integrated management solution

For vending operators, Nova Market seamlessly integrates with NayaxVend management platform, providing a single solution for managing both the vending and micro markets.

Multi-mounting options

The small sized device doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be mounted on a wall or fits on a tabletop.

Works with all global payment providers

Provide your consumers with payment methods from most global payment providers. All transactions are quick and secure, offering consumers convenience and methods they use daily.

Product merchandising opportunities

Increase your sales by introducing a large variety of products, which can be displayed specially to stimulate sales.

Micro market food service & self-check outs

Benefits for operators

Extended business hours, bigger profits

Operating 24/7, like a vending machine, micro markets can offer higher priced items and sell more items in a retail-like space, minimizing labor expenses.

Save on operational costs

Reduce labor costs with pre-kitting capabilities, saving your workers fuel and time when restocking micro markets.

Marketing tools & loyalty programs

Use the color touchscreen for advertising, promoting consumer engagement campaigns, offering consumers loyalty discounts, happy hours, sales and promotions.

More accurate stock management

Understand how well your micro market sales are doing and which products sell fastest with Nayax’s management system. Check the dashboard to see stock levels in real time, monitor daily sales & access a micro market analysis.

Prepaid possibilities

Prepaid cards are ideal for paying for micro markets, giving operators and facility managers prepaid card management abilities, perfect for loyalty programs and consumer engagement.

Micro markets – consumer benefits

Better choices at work

Micro Markets offer greater product variety. By offering premium food and healthier choices consumers gain a wider selection of products and fresher ingredients.

Multi-purchase option

Consumers can buy several items in one transaction, saving them time, while increasing operators’ revenue potential.

Compatible with prepaid cards

Workers can use their employee cards pay for their items, which can be set up to offer them discounts.

Convenient & easy to use

Consumers are provided convenience with the easy “pick-scan-pay” process. Choose products, scan items with barcode scanner, then pay with cashless card reader.

Track usage

Consumers can keep track of their spending with e-receipts (online or via email) or with printed receipts.

Receive discounts for loyalty

Incentivize repeat business by offering returning customers discounts with sales, happy hours or reward items.

Benefits for micro market vending operators

For established vending operators, venturing into micro markets offers the opportunity to expand into a new but related market, providing you with growth opportunities. This opportunity also means they can increase their product selection and improve profitability. Nova Market gives operators the ability to offer consumers a better range of products than a vending machine, improving customer satisfaction while also optimizing backend operations.