Introduce a Cashless Payment System to Your Pay Toilet Business

Make Your Pay Toilet Business Cashless

Cashless restrooms

Unattended pay-for-use restrooms, also known as the pay toilet, have traditionally been coin operated toilets, only allowing the use of the toilet to those who have change. If you didn’t have the right change or cash at all you were left out. Nayax’s cashless solution changes all that. Not only is it convenient for customers, but it’s smart business. Installing a Nayax card reader has threefold benefits.

An unattended pay toilet fitted with Nayax's cashless payment solution

A pay toilet with cashless payment device means everyone can go to the bathroom, even if they don’t have change on them


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1. Cashless payments increase your sales

Many people frequently use pay toilets, why not go cashless?

Customers who regularly stop by a train or bus station with a pay toilet can become accustomed to using the toilet if they know it’s easy to access.

With Nayax’s  cashless payments if a potential customer isn’t carrying any cash, or doesn’t have small change, they can still use the pay toilet. Nayax’s card readers, VPOS Touch and Onyx present your customers with a wide variety of payment choices. They can use their credit or debit card, their EMV chip card, mobile apps, NFC payments and QR codes. By introducing choice and convenience into the equation you open your business up to more customers, and more sales.

2. Telemetry improves your productivity

With Nayax you have more cash accountability for your pay toilet business. With cashless payments introduced, there will be fewer cash transactions that need collecting, you can track cash collection, and the counting of cash is taken care of for you. Introducing telemetry into your restroom operations also eliminates the messy aspects of handling cash. You’ll spend less time focused on cash-oriented tasks like counting cash, delivering it to the bank, and reduce the number of daily visits to empty the cashbox.

3. Management Suite gives you mobility & business transparency

With Nayax’s remote management software, Management Suite, an operator is given more mobility. You can monitor the turnstiles from anywhere in the world. Wherever you’re located you can log into Nayax Core, formerly known as NayaxVend, or for those times you’re on-the-go and can’t take out your laptop you can use the mobile app, MoMa.

Nayax’s software also provides you with more insights into consumer activity, allowing you to develop a deeper understanding of your operations. With customizable reports giving you frequent updates of transactions, payment methods selected and sales you can gain a more complete picture of how your business is doing.

Installing Nayax card readers

Nayax’s complete cashless payment solution will help your pay toilet business on all fronts. The card readers are easily retrofittable and integrate easily with coin mechanisms and bill validators. If you want to change your business, it’s very easy. Nayax is here to help. Contact us today.

Nayax's cashless solution helps your pay toilet business

Bid coin operated toilets farewell with Nayax’s cashless payment solution

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