Nayax Card Readers Boost Customer Satisfaction at Koala Park Laundromat

See why Koala Park Laundromat chose Nayax credit card readers, and why you should too!

Koala Park Laundromat is an Australian laundromat service equipped with 8 washers and dryers. In 2017, they chose to install Nayax card readers onto their laundry machines to provide their customers with a more convenient payment option.

Here’s how Nayax’s VPOS Touch device and tap & go payment system helped drive Koala Park Laundromat’s sales:

  1. Increased Convenience with Tap & Go Payments

Nayax’s card readers enable customers to load the laundry machine, tap their card or phone on the card reader, and go.

  1. Loyalty and Engagement Solutions with Branded Prepaid Cards

With Nayax, you can create branded digital prepaid cards for loyal customers or for staff in closed-loop environments. Customers can load money onto these prepaid cards and use them at your business. These cards allow you to reward customers with top-up bonuses or other campaigns while providing them with an even more convenient payment method.

  1. Easy to Use Sales, Machine, & Card Management Software

With Nayax’s management suite and MoMa 2.0 app, you can manage and monitor your sales, machines, prepaid cards, and more. With analytics about how your business is doing, you can easily view and optimize your operation.


” We can issue our own cards, and that means we can give them to loyal customers, and we can also give them to staff. That is amazing because we can reward the loyal customers, and then we have the ability to go into the Nayax dashboard and we’re able to see the usage and monitor the usage of those cards.”

Dominique Lummus, Owner, Koala Park Laundromat


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How Tap & Go Payments and Prepaid Cards Can Help You Get More Loyal and Returning Customers

Accepting cashless payments in this day and age is a must. Cashless payments offer customers the flexibility to choose the way they pay and makes the payment process much quicker and more convenient. With Nayax’s VPOS Touch card reader, payment is as simple as tap & go.

On top of cashless payments, offering prepaid cards to loyal customers or to employees in a closed-loop environment can help boost consumer loyalty and encourage customers to return. With top-up bonuses, punch card campaigns, and more, customers will be incentivized to use your services again and again, helping ensure your sales are on the rise. With Nayax’s Monyx Wallet, you can offer your customers branded, digital prepaid cards. With these digital cards, consumers won’t need to worry about bringing a physical card along with them – they’ll have their payment method directly on their phone!

Want to go cashless and offer prepaid cards to your customers? Get started with Nayax today.

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