More accessible payments for more consumers

Nayax offers solutions for both open and closed environments. The more payment methods your machine has to offer, the more consumers and sales you will gain.

Nayax offers a complete prepaid payment system for closed environments like offices, hospitals and universities. Nayax offers a complete open and closed environment solution that helps the operators gain steady revenue. With revenue from consumers who use prepaid solutions as well as from visitors who use their credit cards to purchase products.

Operators can offer discounts, rewards, happy hour and loyalty campaigns using Nayax’s prepaid solution (employee/ID card, a key fob or loyalty card/app) while visitors will pay full price with open payment methods like credit cards or mobile apps.

Prepaid card reader vending machine for closed loop environments provided by Nayax

Operator Benefits of Closed Environments

Prepaid card management – Using NayaxVend operators have access to prepaid card management tools, where tiered memberships statuses can be assigned to card users, and discounts can be managed.

Membership discounts – Operators can offer discounts to consumers who use specific payment methods or give specific benefits to the different membership levels. Discounts can be specific amounts taken off, or a percentage off the price. Operators can offer the discounts on a recurring basis or once-off.

Increased sales – with a prepaid solution that works for open payments and prepaid payments, operators can sell their products to more consumers, resulting in more sales.

Loyalty & rewards – Prepaid payment systems offer further opportunities to boost sales. Use NayaxVend’s built-in marketing tools with easy to create campaigns to offer consumers a variety of programs designed to increase loyalty. Examples of these include product sales, buy 5 get 1 free campaigns, happy hours, and other loyalty discounts.

Marketing opportunities – use Nayax’s customizable capabilities to engage consumers with advertising, which can be displayed on the VPOS Touch’s color touchscreen during idle mode or with campaign stickers, designed by Nayax.

Track and manage usage – for operators, prepaid card solutions provide a lot of consumer insights, enabling you to better understand consumer behavior. This is also beneficial for consumers, who can track their spending and card usage with Nayax’s own Monyx Wallet app.

Customer satisfaction – offering instant refunds enables operators to offer quality customer service, facilitating satisfied consumers.

Transparency for facility managers – show special users the information you feel comfortable sharing with customizable reports, building trust and stickiness with facility managers.

Online Top-Up Options

Nayax's consumer engagement and loyalty payment app Monyx Wallet offers prepaid capabilities for closed environments

Monyx Wallet App

Consumers can also link their prepaid cards to their phones using Monyx Wallet, Nayax’s own mobile wallet app, making their lives more convenient With their corporate prepaid card linked to the mobile app, consumers no longer need to carry their cards with them physically.

Cashless solution for prepaid and closed loop systems

Branded top-up websites

Consumers can load credit and revalue their cards with branded top up websites, designed by Nayax giving operators more revenue opportunities.

Prepaid Card Solutions Consumer Benefits

Easy to revalue – consumers can revalue their reloadable prepaid cards at the machine, using both cash and cashless options

Convenience when paying – access to multiple payment methods and an intuitive payment terminal

Spending accountability – consumers can check how much they have spent on their business prepaid cards and use e-receipts for reimbursements or by using Monyx Wallet app

Top up options – consumers can add credit to their business prepaid card using a branded top-up website, via their credit cards or mobile apps

Great deals – consumers gain the opportunity to save money and receive rewards with discounts, sales and loyalty rewards when they use their corporate prepaid cards or specific payment methods

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