Nayax is a leading global provider of EMV certified cashless payment solutions,
telemetry systems, and a management & monitoring business suite for the unattended machine industry.


Cashless Payments

Nayax offers an array of cashless vending solutions for unattended automated machines, facilitating increased sales and a higher level of convenience through our global clearing network.

Telemetry Solutions

Telemetry takes the guesswork out of vending machine management and restocking. Nayax offers intelligent telemetry devices that provide the ability to monitor and troubleshoot communication.

BI Management Suite

Taking cashless capabilities and vending telemetry to the next level, the Nayax Monitoring and Business Intelligence Suite improves efficiency, increases revenue, and reduces expenses to deliver higher profits.

our differences

Real-Time data

Cashless payments and telemetry systems from Nayax offer you the ability to know in real-time, the status of your business and see every transaction.
Don’t miss a sale.

Consumer Interaction

Bring your consumer closer, with Nayax’s cashless payment solutions, which create consumer interaction, even when you aren’t there, using the best available technology

Development dedicated

As a development driven company, Nayax is committed to listening to our clients and anticipating the next industry trend before it even starts.
Let our developers work for you.

Innovative cashless payments

Not everyone carries cash or exact change anymore, and that should not be a reason for a missed sale.  Cashless payments are becoming more dominant in attended and unattended industries worldwide.

Complete Management Suite

Monitor sales, design customizable alerts beyond simple machine status, secure cash accountability, inventory management with Nayax’s complete management suite.

Certified, with local support

Nayax is an EMV certified solution provider and PCI-DSS level 1 Service Provider, the highest level of security standards certification, and is reviewed annually to ensure strict compliance.

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