Top 18 Innovative Self-Service Car Wash Companies to Watch Out for in 2023 and Beyond

Editor’s note: This blog was originally published in February, 2021 and was updated for accuracy.

It’s a well-known fact that when you wash a car at home, you end up consuming three times more water than you do at a professional mobile car wash. Washing a dirty vehicle in your driveway or yard is also detrimental for the environment because a typical home drainage system does not boast a separation technique that would expel the greasy water to a waste treatment plant and stop it from contaminating local streams or lakes. Not surprisingly then, many people opt to clean their cars at a professional, automated car washes.

The History of the Modern Car Wash
car wash service industry

The history of modern car washes can be traced back to 1914. Two men opened a business called ‘Automated Laundry’ in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and assigned workers to soap, rinse, and dry the cars which were manually pushed into a tunnel. It wasn’t until 1940 that the first ‘automated’ conveyor-style car wash was opened in California. But, even then, the actual cleaning of the vehicle was done manually.

The world got its first semi-automatic car wash system in 1946 when Thomas Simpson opened a car wash with an overhead sprinkler and an air blower to take some manual labor out of the process. The first completely touchless automated car wash came up in Seattle in 1951, and by the 1960s, these fully-mechanized car wash systems had started popping up across America.

Now, the car wash service market is a multibillion-dollar industry, with its global worth expected to grow to more than USD 41 billion by 2025. Let’s take a look at some of the most technologically-advanced and customer-centric car wash companies from across the world that can be trusted to help the industry grow.

1. Wash&Drive (Hansab)

wash&drive car wash

Latvia-based Wash&Drive was established in 2014 to fulfill the burgeoning demand for automated car was systems in the Baltic state. Today, with multiple branches in eight Latvian cities, Wash&Drive has already become the biggest self-service car wash chain in Latvia. Some of its happy clients include Latvia’s Emergency Medical Service (EMS), carbonated water producer Venden, laundry services provider Elis, as well as the biggest casino in the Baltic states: Olympic.

Wash&Drive gets its automated car wash technology from some of the biggest players in the industry, including Europe’s Kärcher and Coleman Hanna. In the express service option, the car is placed on an automated conveyor line and is thoroughly washed in only 3 minutes.

Further, Wash&Drive is the first car wash chain in Latvia to provide a complete touchless car wash experience to its patrons. The company has teamed up with integrated solutions provider Hansab to equip its car wash stations with Nayax card acceptance terminals for contactless payments and 24×7 operations.

As construction material supplier Profcentrs, a Wash&Drive, client says, “We have signed a contract and received contactless payment cards for each employee. This allows for easy operations in the car wash and also ensures accurate accounting of the money utilized by each user in our company’s books.”

It should also be noted that by reusing and recycling 80 percent of the wash water, Wash&Drive ensures that it is both economical and environmentally-friendly.

Wash&Drive will continue to grow to realize its vision of servicing up to 20,000 cars every day with a planned investment of EUR 12 million. The company plans to install more Nayax POS terminals to be able to remotely monitor its equipment status and sales, and offers customers simple touchless payment options such as Monyx Wallet, Nayax’s payment and customer engagement app. 


2. College Park Car Wash

college park car wash vpos touch

College Park Car Wash is a family-owned business in the City of College Park, Maryland, and a popular self service car wash choice for customers ranging from college students and law enforcement agencies to everyday motorists in the area looking for a quick and cheap way to clean their vehicles.

The 24×7 facility was opened by owner David DuGoff on Feb 3, 1997, with state-of-the-art self-service car wash equipment in eight bays. Since then, College Park Car Wash has continually reinvented itself with modern technology, replacing the meter box doors, pump stands, hoses, boom configuration, etc., as needed and expanding its service offerings.

Today, everything from a wheel brush to low-pressure carnauba wax can be availed at this full-service car wash. DuGoff has recently expanded to a second outlet in Beltsville, Maryland, as well.

But it is not only the advancements in modern car wash technology that have led to the success of College Park Car Wash.

DuGoff has taken a very customer-centric approach to his self-service car wash business, equipping the facilities with ample lighting so customers feel safe no matter what time they visit, setting-up live-streaming webcams to allow patrons to anticipate the wait time, installing vending machines stocked with top-of-the-line car detailing products, and putting in award-winning card reading machines that offer quick and safe contactless payment options.

DuGoff, who had spent almost two decades in the oil business previously with his family, says that connecting with the community and taking proactive steps to build customer loyalty has also been instrumental in keeping the business running for 24 years. So, it’s not uncommon to see the car wash tie up with local schools or churches to organize fundraisers or give away free baseball tickets to customers.

3. Beacon Mobile

beacon mobile car wash

A leading innovator in the car wash industry, Beacon Mobile helps car washes and automotive brands increase their profits and improve customer loyalty through interactive technology solutions, such as sales-driven mobile apps and branded websites.

Headquartered in the United States, the team at Beacon Mobile has been creating mobile apps since early 2009. However, since most wash brands typically don’t have the budget to hire a software firm to build a mobile car wash app from scratch, Beacon Mobile offers a readymade marketing and sales platform that can be customized rapidly by a small business at a fraction of the typical cost. The feature-rich platform allows the car wash owner to have complete control over the app while Beacon Mobile keeps everything running smoothly in the background.

Under the leadership of Founder and CEO, Alan Nawoj, Beacon Mobile has also invented a novel way to manage membership programs and fleet accounts for automated car wash systems. This patent-pending method promises to wean members off of conventional RFID and/or number plate scanning systems and offers a unique, tamper-proof way to prevent non-members from getting free car washes.

Further, Beacon Mobile offers an integrated sales and marketing solution to forward-thinking car washes that offer a multitude of services – wash bays, vacuums, dog washes, vending machines, etc. – under one roof. For this, the company has joined forces with Nayax, a global leader in complete cashless solutions, as well as a telemetry and a management platform for unattended, automated equipment.

Today, Beacon Mobile has become a one-stop-shop for any auto car wash that wants to transition to a touchless car wash system with solutions like in-app payment for washes, gamification, geofencing, and beacons, personalized loyalty programs, fleet account management, and much more.

4. National Car Wash Sales

Top 18 Innovative Self-Service Car Wash Companies to Watch Out for in 2023 and Beyond

Australia-based National Car Wash Sales is run by Greg Scott, an owner-operator of unlimited car wash facilities since 1999. His experience, knowledge, and passion for the full service cash wash industry put Scott in a league of his own when it comes to buying, selling, leasing, or developing a car wash in any part of Australia.

To date, Scott has sold over 150 car washes nationally since establishing National Car Wash Sales in 2013. The company has also partnered with several market leaders ranging from financial institutions (ANZ, Westpac) and cashless payment solutions providers (Nayax, TapNGo) to water recycling system manufacturers (Purewater) and laundry equipment suppliers (GC Laundry Equipment) to ensure that clients maximize their gains from their full-service car wash facility.

Scott’s endless knowledge about the automated car wash industry means that not only will he be able to help you establish the type of wash suitable for the population and demographics in your area, but he would also assist you with the planning of your car wash design to ensure trouble-free operations in the future.

Getting on board with National Car Wash Sales means that you don’t have to worry about nitty-gritty questions like what should be the width of the bay or what size outlet pipes would ensure a sustainable yet optimum wash. Scott’s company even helps you find the right real estate and organize all the construction works.  

Scott’s ability to provide impeccable advice on choosing new equipment and machinery has already earned him many loyal customers who swear by his recommendations for branding and advertising the car wash site as well. As part of the continued after-sales support, Scott also arranges training sessions on the day-to-day operations of a car wash.

5. Green Steam

green steam car wash

As Europe’s largest steam cleaning equipment distributor, Green Steam has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the self-service car wash industry. Today, if you were to search for a steam car wash near me in Poland, the company’s headquarters, chances are you would be directed to a petrol station or car wash facility housing Green Steam’s flagship Self Service Steam Car Wash Vacuum product. The company also has touchless steam car wash clients in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania.

Green Steam was established to fill the last existing gap in the touchless car wash segment – upholstery cleaning. The company realized that mobile car wash customers want to clean their car comprehensively not only from the outside but also from the inside. As such, Green Steam’s self service car wash devices are designed to allow for automated car washes and petrol stations to extend their range of services and attract new customers who wish to clean the interiors of their cars on their own.

With an extremely short drying time (since only pressurized dry steam is used), Green Steam enables drivers to wash, disinfect, and deodorize their car upholstery on their own in a matter of minutes. Motorists also enjoy the advantages of cost savings and the comfort that comes with being able to choose the place and the date of the service on their own.

Green Steam’s products come in several configurations – steam only; a combination of steam and vacuum; steam, vacuum, and tire inflator combo; and a combination of upholstery cleaning and disinfection of car details, which are often left dirty even after an exterior mobile car wash.

To provide its customers with a complete and detailed solution, Green Steam also offers an accessory that allows payments by a credit or debit card. This added convenience, Green Steam notes, has empowered car wash owners to increase their income by as much as 15 percent.

6. 24Hr Car Wash

Top 18 Innovative Self-Service Car Wash Companies to Watch Out for in 2023 and Beyond

Calgary, Canada-based 24H Car Wash has been operating at the Horizon Auto Center for over 25 years now. With six self-service bays operating 24×7, including two oversized bays designed especially for large trucks, customers can clean their vehicles anytime at their convenience.

Interestingly, Calgary’s Drainage Bylaw states that only water may enter the storm sewers. This means no resident can wash their car on the streets with soap or detergent – not even biodegradable ones. The law also prohibits “overly dirty” cars from being washed on the streets, with the first offense attracting a fine of $500. As such, self car wash facilities like 24Hr Car Wash provide an attractive and affordable car cleaning solution to drivers.

Using only the highest quality products and leading-edge mobile car wash equipment has earned 24Hr Car Wash many loyal customers. A quick look at their reviews page tells that customers don’t mind driving long distances simply to benefit from the water pressure which is kept at a level powerful enough to get salt off cars with minimal brush use, and hot water is provided too.

Keeping customer convenience in mind, the facility has outfitted its bays with an all-in-one solution for cashless payments, ensuring that drivers can pay via tap and go cards, chip credit cards, as well as digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Other services offered by 24Hr Car Wash include carpet cleaning, vacuuming, and vehicle upholstery cleaning.

7. Valet Auto Wash

valet auto wash

Valet Auto Wash has been delighting customers since 1994 with its automated car wash technology and professional customer care. The company takes pride in repurposing historical and unused buildings in its communities, and as such, its sites are usually massive.

The company’s ‘crown jewel’ is a 55,000-square-foot site in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, United States, that houses a 245-foot-long tunnel and provides customers with a ‘never-ending experience’. When it opened in 2016, the Lawrenceville site became renowned as the longest conveyor car wash in the world. Today, Valet Auto Wash is spread across nine locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and its owner Chris Vernon is living his dream of being known as an industry icon or beacon.

The goal for Vernon and his team has been to make his full-service car wash sites as much an attraction as they are a utility. A few Valet Auto Wash sites have a ‘Brilliance Wax Tunnel’ where state-of-the-art buffing equipment is engaged to deliver eye-popping all-over shine. Then there is the 23-point oil, lube, and filter service, as well as indoor self-service vacuum stations.

The company’s willingness to invest in technology is also reflected through its energy-efficient vacuum turbines that adjust to conserve power when not in use, and the installation of convenient cashless payment terminals at multiple checkpoints.

Now, all these bells and whistles do not mean that Valet Auto Wash is not committed to the environment. The full-service car wash captures all of the water used in each wash and then filters and treats it for reuse in the wash process, effectively saving hundreds of gallons of water every year.

8. Wilcomatic Wash Systems

wilcomatic wash systems

The journey of UK-based Wilcomatic Wash Systems began in 1967 as a specialist vehicle washing operation. In a history that spans more than 50 years, the company has come to be known as the UK’s leading vehicle wash company, diversified its offerings to provide a wide range of products and services for multiple sectors, and accumulated a robust customer base across Europe, Asia, the United States, and Australia.

In 2019, Westbridge Capital acquired the company to support its global growth. Today, Wilcomatic has more than 2,000 car wash installations across the world servicing 8 million vehicles every year.

A pioneer in the touchless car wash segment, Wilcomatic is credited with developing a new kind of wash chemical in collaboration with Christ Wash Systems. This new chemical revolutionized the concept of the touchless car wash by replacing a strong chemical that required that it be left on the vehicle for soaking before it could rinse off any dirt and blemishes.

Environmental concerns necessitated that this aggressive chemical be replaced and Wilcomatic provided the industry with the first system where a less harmful chemical was able to achieve great results on each wash, clocking an incredible success rate of 98%! The company is also committed to rainwater harvesting, reclamation, and wash water recycling.

One of Wilcomatic’s satisfied clients is Tesco, the largest supermarket retailer in the UK that provides a self-service car wash facility on its sites. Evolving its car wash service continually, Wilcomatic has installed contactless payment systems at Tesco sites and is also leveraging telemetry technology to remotely monitor each site for usage and maintenance issues.

9. Wash Tec 

wash tec


Technology trailblazer WashTec calls itself the world leader in the car wash industry. And the Germany-based company provides numbers to support this claim.

The company says that over 40,000 self-service and automated car washes from WashTec are in use around the world, in which more than two million vehicles are washed every day. Furthermore, the company employs over 1,800 car washing experts in more than 80 countries. Its extensive service and distributorship network adds another 900 technicians and sales partners to the system. And, also, its parent company has been manufacturing car wash technology  since the early 1960s.

WashTec is the creator of the three-brush gantry car wash system, the first in the market to combine a fully automated car wash and drying system to create a complete car wash solution, and the developer of the SelfTecs concept for self-service car washes that makes it possible for washing and polishing to be performed in a single program step.

A recent innovative digital solution comes in the form of the EasyCarWash app which allows subscribers of the unlimited car wash program to drive directly into the washing bay and choose their preferred service through their mobile phones. A camera scans the license plate number to confirm the membership and starts the program.

WashTec manufactures self-service car wash systems to suit every site size and requirement. Be it compact rack systems or tailor-made cabinet systems or even a mobile car wash solution that can be integrated with any existing business without additional steelwork construction, WashTec’s cost-efficient and flexible solutions come with the added convenience of a cashless payment system.

10. N&S Services

N&S Services car wash

Founded in 2004, N&S Services is an independent maintenance service provider that came into existence to help car wash owners maximize revenues. The UK-based company can install, repair, and maintain all types of self-service car wash equipment, and also manufactures its own high-quality cleaning products that promise excellent wash and dry performance.

The founders, Paul and Neil, have 40 years of experience in car wash equipment maintenance. They ensure that all N&S Services engineers are trained to a very high standard and obtain a safety passport from the UK Petroleum Industry Association before working at any filling station.

The company takes pride in maintaining a central reserve of spares for almost all makes of car washes that have been installed in the UK for the past 20 years. This allows N&S Services to respond to customer service calls within 24 hours and provide an early solution to any problem swiftly.

The company makes it a point to create customized maintenance contracts for each customer, factoring in parameters like the age of the self service car wash machine, the type of machine, its service history, washing capacity, etc. With a system that suits every location and budget, N&S Services has been able to count among its client’s private car wash operators, independent forecourt owners, car manufacturers, and commercial operators alike.

N&S Services offers a complete turnkey package for mobile car washes, outfitting its forecourt equipment with cashless payment solutions from global industry leaders like Nayax. This ensures that the self-service car wash will continue to generate income for its owners even when unattended.

11. Zips Car Wash

Zips car wash

Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, Zips Car Wash is one of the largest and fastest-growing tunnel car wash companies in the United States. The company began as a single location outlet in 2004 and has now grown to over 185 customer service centers in 17 US states.

This rapid growth has come through hard work, dedication, and a series of smart acquisitions. In 2016, Zips acquired Boomerang Car Wash, which added 31 unlimited car wash sites to Zips’ network. Then, in 2018, Zips acquired seven locations from Rain Tunnel Car Wash. This was quickly followed by the buyout of five sites from American Pride Xpress Car Wash. Another self car wash site was taken over from Eco Express.

Interestingly, many stores were added in locations where Zips already had a strong customer base, effectively ensuring that anyone looking for a car wash near me would be directed to a Zips unlimited car wash site. But Zips doesn’t only want to grow; it also wants to make a difference in the lives of its customers and communities.

With its catchphrase being ‘We’re a green kind of clean’, the company uses only eco-friendly chemicals at each site and makes sure that its recycling system saves energy and water with every wash. Meanwhile, to encourage road safety among young drivers, Zips has started an initiative called DriveClean. Zips’ locations also serves as a collection site for homeless shelters and food banks, with the company giving back thousands of dollars to the community each year.

One of the most popular services at Zips is the three-minute Ride-Thru Tunnel Wash. Then, there is a plethora of options such as waxing, shining, and cleaning services that would help any vehicle to look great. As a plus, all car washes include access to free self-serve vacuums for interior cleaning.

12. The Auto Spa

auto spas car wash
The Auto Spa and the Auto Spa Express are a part of the Maryland-based WLF Automotive Group
 which has been active in the car care industry since 1987. The Group, which also has auto repair and vehicle maintenance centers, serves more than 800,000 customers each year.  

Offering both full-service car wash and express touchless car wash services, the Auto Spa work on a monthly membership model that gives members the convenience to wash their cars once a day, every day, at a low price.

Featuring some of the most innovative stainless-steel car wash equipment in the United States, the Auto Spas are currently operational at several locations throughout Maryland.

The Auto Spas are known not only for their state-of-the-art facility, but also their sleek, custom design based on an open concept. There is colorful LED lighting throughout their wash tunnels, with a rainbow rinse adding enjoyment to the overall experience.

The tunnels typically end with multiple air blowers and heated dryers with flames to ensure maximum drying. After exiting the tunnel, customers get access to free microfiber drying towels, air hoses, vacuums, and mat cleaners.

It’s also worth noting that WLR Automotive Group is a committed member of the community and has been organizing an annual food drive program called ‘Feeding Families’ for eight years now. During Thanksgiving 2020, the company was able to feed 43 families, in addition to providing six cases of non-perishable food to a local food bank.

13. BlueWave Express

bluewave express

BlueWave Express Car Wash was founded in 2007 with the goal of becoming the ‘Starbucks of Car Washes’. Now operational in 34 locations, the California-headquartered company has been ranked 14 in the 2020 Top 50 Us Conveyor Carwash List by Professional Carwashing and Detailing magazine. 

BlueWave’s managing partners have more than 60 years of experience in the car wash industry. And their expansion strategy entails purchasing properties that are located near well-established businesses, such as Wal-Mart, Family Dollar, or McDonald’s. These kinds of high-visibility, high-traffic premier retail locations have allowed the self-service car wash company to tap into high-income households and grow its business quickly.

Despite being an express car wash, and not a full-service car wash, the company offers its customers several amenities that help it to stand out from the competition. For example, a free vacuum service is included in the low-cost wash price with no time limitation.  

The unlimited car wash company also reclaims and reuses up to 80 percent of the water used in the car wash process. It also makes it a point to use only biodegradable soaps and detergents, the contaminants of which are captured and disposed of properly. BlueWave is further known to work locally with city groups to spread awareness about the importance of water conservation.

The company insists that its success hasn’t stemmed from high-tech wizardry alone. The local management team plays an indispensable role in the mix by always being available to respond to unexpected variables. Effective on-site supervision, speedy on-call repair and maintenance, and not directing incoming calls to a machine are some of the other factors that have made BlueWave popular among its customers.

14. Champion Xpress

champion xpress
A relatively new kid on the block, Champion XPress
opened its doors in New Mexico, United States, as recently as August 2015. Interestingly, its General Manager Jeff Wagner did not have any experience in the car wash industry, but he was hired by his brother-in-law and nephews (all co-owners in the company) to run the family-owned business.

Wagner maintains that his previous stints in the office products industry, as well as the real estate sector, helped prepare him for this new adventure. This has especially been true for planning and organizing out-of-state expansions. And sure enough, Wagner has successfully expanded the business to eight locations across New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah, and five more locations are nearing completion. The next round of expansion will see the company open stores in the state of Texas as well.

Wagner says that having great employees and wonderful owners with small-town backgrounds have helped the company to both understand the needs of the under-served markets and ensure that a customer leaves the facility with a smile on their face, each time.

All this and more prompted the Professional Carwashing and Detailing magazine team to present the 2019 Most Valuable Carwasher award to Wagner.

Champion Xpress offers monthly recurring plans, gift cards, and prepaid washes to its customers. Though standard prices vary by region, the company offers significant cost savings on family plans.  

15. Fast Eddie’s Car Wash And Oil Change

fast eddies car wash and oil

A 40-year-old family-owned and operated business, Fast Eddie’s Car Wash and Oil Change is a formidable force in the Michigan, United States, car wash market. Its high-quality, convenient, and affordable mobile car wash services throughout Michigan have made Fast Eddie’s one of the most trusted brands in car cleaning in the state.

With 250 employees at 16 locations providing customers a combination of car wash, detailing, oil change, and preventative maintenance services, Fast Eddie’s has also been named among the Top 50 car wash and oil change facilities in the United States, in addition to being hailed as the ‘Best Car Wash’ in many communities it serves.

The company’s commitment to its communities is also reflected through the support it provides to several local organizations, including Kiwanis Clubs, churches, local schools, and youth sports programs. Fast Eddie’s also maintains a dedicated donation program and welcomes fundraising requests.

As for their services, the company offers a variety of unlimited car wash packages to keep customers’ vehicles shining all year round. Vehicle-specific products and used, and the monthly price is charged through credit card rebilling since cash is not accepted.  

16. Istobal Vehicle Wash and Care

Istobal Vehicle Wash and Care

A Spanish multinational group, Istobal comes with over 65 years of experience in the car wash business. Istobal exports its products and services to more than 75 countries across the globe and boasts a workforce of more than 900 employees. An extensive network of distributors and nine commercial subsidiaries in the US and Europe regions have made Istobal a market leader in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of vehicle wash care solutions.

The company started in 1950 as a small repair shop. By 1969, it had entered the car wash sector and gained complete specialization in the car wash field by 2000. Today, the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified organization is well-known for its state-of-the-art solutions for automatic car wash and tunnels as well as jet wash centers.

To improve the touchless car wash experience, Istobal leverages a variety of digital solutions and innovative cashless payment systems. Its Smartwash technology can transform any self-service car wash into a fully connected, autonomous, controlled, and monitored system.

A mobile app allows users to activate the automatic car wash machines without having to get out of the vehicle. At the same time, a loyalty wallet card enables drivers to accumulate their credit and enjoy various deals and discounts.

For a truly hassle-free experience, Istobal provides car wash owners with everything they need to connect their self-service car wash equipment with its digital platform, and extract and save valuable data on the cloud. The digital management of a car wash business, Istobal says, can radically improve the efficiency and profitability of the business.

17. Electrajet

electrajet-car wash

Glasgow, UK-based Electrajet specializes in designing and manufacturing pressure washers for the car care industry. After 20 years in the game, Electrajet boasts an ever-growing customer base ranging from the UK’s largest automotive dealerships, agricultural vehicles and haulers to the food industry.

The company’s jet wash machines offer several scenario-specific wash options, including hot snow foam trigger reel, safe traffic film remover hot wash, genuine reverse osmosis streak-free high-pressure rinse, and iron exact wheel cleaner trigger. All machines can be outfitted with Nayax debit and credit card readers and support Nayax virtual money fobs for a contactless payment experience

Similarly, Electrajet’s vacuum machines also support a cashless contactless payment system. With a heavy-duty safe and door locking system, the data from these high-powered vacuum units can be retrieved using Wi-Fi.

Unlike its competitors, Electrajet sells and leases machines that have been custom-designed and manufactured at its Glasgow headquarters. This allows the company to leverage the best engineering components and provide long-lasting highly-reliable products that can perform even in the harshest of site conditions.

Another factor that has helped Electrajet to make a name for itself and get featured on this list is that it offers a same-day call-out facility should there ever be a problem with any of its products. The company’s trained engineers carry a full catalog of spare parts in their vehicles to carry out immediate repairs and modifications.

18. Shiners Car Wash 

shiners car wash system

The story of Australia-based Shiners Car Wash Systems starts in 1992. Intrigued by the rapid advancements in the car wash industry, good friends Richard Davison and John Whitechurch decide to take a trip to the birthplace of the modern car wash – the United States. After two weeks of nonstop meetings with operators, distributors, and equipment manufacturers Davison and Whitechurch get convinced that they need to bring this new concept of car washing to ‘the land Down Under’.

By May 1993, Shiners Car Wash Systems’ first self-service car wash site, housing two rows of six washing bays, was ready for business. With the car wash becoming an instant request, the owners were flooded with inquiries from people who wanted to develop similar facilities.

Davison and Whitechurch decided to seize the opportunity and signed an exclusive distributorship agreement with their equipment supplier, Texas-headquartered Jim Coleman Company. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Shiners Car Wash Systems have installed more than 200 car wash systems across Australia and New Zealand, with their robust partner network consisting of leading car wash brands such as Coleman Hanna Car Wash Systems, Washworld, Lustra, Blue Coral, and Unitec.

The company has won dozens of awards, both for the robust sales of self-service car wash systems and for radically reducing the average water use at its own car wash site. So much so, the Australian Car Wash Association (ACWA) has given Shiners’ car wash site in Melbourne a 4 and 5-star rating for using less than 40 liters of water per vehicle in the self-serve bays.

The Bottom Line

The success stories of these touchless car wash companies are proof that when it comes to providing the best self-service car wash experience, customer focus is the key.

By leveraging technology to increase the speed and efficiency of the entire car wash process, offering special deals and amenities to increase brand loyalty, creating a thoughtful, environmental-friendly car wash program, and giving back to the community are some practical ways through which companies can ensure that clients will keep coming back for years to come. 

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