Nayax’s Digital Payment Solutions Help Café + Co Answer Their Customers’ Needs

See why Cafe + Co chose Nayax’s digital payment solutions, and why you should too!

Café + co is an international vending company that operates in nine Central & European countries. In 2018, they chose Nayax as their cashless payment solution because it was the best digital payment solution on the market.

Here’s how Nayax’s Onyx device and digital payment solutions helped drive Café + Co’s sales:

  1. Increased Convenience with Contactless Card Payments

Nayax’s card readers enable consumers to pay for products with their debit or credit card with just a tap.

  1. Loyalty and Engagement Solutions with a Smart Pay App

Companies that have an existing payment app can integrate Nayax’s payment solutions into their app. This means that on top of payment solutions, operators can offer their customers loyalty and engagement solutions such as punch card campaigns and top up bonuses.

  1. Elevated Customer Experience

Café + Co chose to shift to digital payment solutions at their customers’ request, providing them with a more convenient, secure, and hygienic payment solution to improve their purchasing experience.

“In 2018, Café+Co decided to implement a digital payment solution for our clients. After a very intense process, we decided to pick Nayax as our preferred supplier because their system perfectly meets our requirements.”

Fritz Kaltenegger, CO, Café+Co

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How Digital Payment Solutions Can Help You Boost Customer Satisfaction and Drive Sales

Incorporating a digital payment solution into your business is incredibly important in today’s world. Payments are more and more digitized, with EMV chip cards and mobile payments becoming more prevalent. With a digital payment suite, you can allow your consumers to choose the way they pay, creating a more positive and convenient experience.

Nayax offers two kinds of vending machine card readers: the VPOS Touch which accepts both contact and contactless card payments, and Onyx which only accepts contactless payments. Since Café + Co is located throughout Europe, they chose to go with the Onyx card reader because the vast majority of European credit and debit cards make EMV contactless payments. However, if your business is located in the USA, the VPOS Touch might be a better choice because it also accepts both EMV and swipe cards, which many consumers still use.

On top of easily installing Onyx card readers on their machines with plug & play installation, Café + Co also integrated their smart payment app with Nayax’s system, allowing their regular customers to pay with the app. Having a mobile payment solution and loyalty programs is a great advantage for vending businesses, especially in a closed-loop environment. Don’t have your own payment app? Don’t worry, with Nayax you automatically get access loyalty and engagement tools such as punch card campaigns, top up bonuses, gamification and much more through Monyx Wallet.

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