Nayax Energy Charging Stations Improve Guest Experience at the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem

The American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem is a one hundred and fifty year old hotel in Jerusalem that values its history and its heritage as well as its commitment to the environment, and is one of the first hotels in Jerusalem to install EV charging on its premises. After researching the market, they chose Nayax Energy’s EV Meter solution because of their reputation for quality. Nayax Energy’s solutions is green, technologically advanced, requires little to no maintenance, offers flexible charging and billing, and most importantly, makes guests happy.

1. Ecological Mission

The American Colony Hotel is highly committed to the environment and to preservice its historical and tranquil atmosphere. They installed EV charging stations on their premises in order to solidify their commitment to the environment. In turn, this added perk helps distinguish them from other hotels.

2. No Phone Calls

Nayax Energy’s solution is reliable and easy to use, meaning that operations run smoothly, minimizing the need for maintenance and support calls.

3. Flexible Charging & Billing

Nayax is a world-renowned payment company, and accepts over 80 forms of payment in over 32 currencies. This helps businesses offer flexible payment options for guests, whether they be closed or open-loop as well as flexible tariff rates, automated e-receipts, and secure and pre-authorized transactions.

4. Happy Guests

Guests who drive electric vehicles are thrilled to discover that they can charge their car on the premises when they arrive at the American Colony. This reduces range anxiety and improves their guest experience.

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Nayax’s Solutions Can Help Your Hotel Maximize Revenue

Nayax Energy offers an all-in-one solution for hotels and other businesses looking to install EV charging stations on their premises. With EV charging stations, energy management solutions, flexible payments and loyalty programs, hotels can easily add EV charging solutions on their premises to attract more EV drivers to stay.

Beyond EV charging, Nayax offers other automated solutions for hotels which help them offer more perks for their guests at minimal costs and maximal profits. Services such as a micro market that offers food, drinks, and other necessities in the lobby, vending machines, laundry machines, coffee machines, and entertainment such as darts, pool, or kiddie rides are all solutions that don’t require a lot of investment or staff. As a matter of fact, them being automated means that these services can be available 24/7 without the need for an employee to be present. And all payments, inventory, customers, sales, and loyalty programs can be managed from one single system.

To learn more about how Nayax can help your hotel boost revenue and improve guest experience, contact us today.

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