How Using a Cashless Payment System Can Benefit Your Self-Service Dog Wash

 Make your self-serve dog wash cashless

Have you heard about self-serve dog wash machines?

There are some 89.7 million dogs in US households, and dog owners spend a whopping $69 billion per year on pet care. Dog care is big business and self-serve dog wash stations are growing in popularity. Using a self-serve dog wash station can be a happy medium for many dog owners. It’s a lot less messy than washing a pet at home and a cheaper option than a groomer. Thanks to the cashless innovations Nayax that specializes in, operating a machine can also be less messy, both for operators and dog owners.

Introducing a cashless option

Many unattended dog wash stations feature coin operated mechanisms and bill validators. For dog owners this can be a real pain as it limits the number of minutes they can use the machine to the cash they have on them. Installing Nayax’s VPOS on a dog wash station can offer dog owners multiple cashless payment methods including credit cards, EMV chipcards, mobile apps, and QR codes. Dog owners are then free to wash their dogs without having to bring their wallet or purse.

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Increased productivity

With Nayax’s telemetry features, operators of self-serve dog wash stations can gain greater insights into machine activity, which can improve productivity. Operators can save on unnecessary onsite visits to empty full cashboxes by monitoring machines remotely. Operators can also prevent loss of revenue when they set up real-time notifications in Management Suite to learn if a machine gets unplugged or isn’t running correctly.


Make your dog wash station cashless

Dog wash stations can be placed indoors or adjusted for outdoor use. You might see them at pet stores, vet clinics, car washes, apartment buildings, or campgrounds.


Consumer engagement

Nayax can help dog was station operators with consumer engagement. Nayax’s VPOS has integrated marketing and campaign management tools into its backend software, NayaxVend Management Suite, and they can be used to boost customer loyalty.

Consumers who use self-serve dog wash machines are good candidates for Nayax’s punch card program, where between every 3 to 9 washes one wash can be offered for free. Dog owners have to wash their dogs regularly and with a free wash on offer they can be encouraged to return to the same place. That punch cards are digital is particularly suitable in this scenario because paper punch cards tend to get wet or damaged.

Unattended self-serve dog wash machines offer dog owners flexibility, being available 24 hours, unlike a groomer. Most people will choose to wash their dogs during the weekend, so setting up specials or discounts for weekdays or evening hours is another way to build loyalty. These loyalty programs can be set up and managed from Nayax’s’ Management Suite and are customizable for each operator’s needs.

Help your dog wash station become part of the cashless society by fitting it with Nayax’s cashless payment solution. While more dog owners can enjoy the benefits of this self-serve option, you as an operator can benefit from the consumer engagement tools. It’s a win-win solution you should take advantage of. Contact us now!

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