Family Fun Factory Streamlines the Arcade Experience with Tigapo by Nayax’s Arcade Card System

Family Fun Factory has seen an increase in transactions since it implemented Tigapo by Nayax’s arcade card system. With faster transactions and redemption, Tigapo by Nayax helps streamline the player experience, increasing transactions and revenue.


The Family Fun Factory is a family entertainment center based in New Hartford, New York. After the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, they decided to implement a coinless, ticketless system at their arcades. Learn about how Tigapo by Nayax’s arcade card system helped them streamline their business and increase transactions.


1. Cost-Efficient

Since they implemented Tigapo’s arcade card system, Family Fun Factory has eliminated its expenses from tickets, tokens, and coined options.


2. Reports & Insights

Tigapo by Nayax’s arcade management software allows Family Fun Factory to generate reports, allowing them to see what’s going on with each game. When they add or remove games, or move games around, these reports allow them to see the impact and helps them get the best results.


3. Faster Transaction & Redemption Time

Tigapo by Nayax’s solutions comes with a player app which allows customers to start playing right away. They don’t have to stop by the counter, they just open up the app, walk up to a game, and start playing. The app also allows players to cash multiple prize winners out at the same time, bringing redemption time down by 70% and increasing customer satisfaction.


“We would have to say we see a 20-25% increase of transactions based on the ease of the Tigapo System.” – Joseph Belmonte, Owner, Family Fun Factory


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How Tigapo by Nayax Can Lower Costs and Increase Transactions at Your FEC

Tigapo by Nayax is more than an arcade card system. With powerful software, it allows family entertainment center and arcade operators to streamline their operations and leverage their games to get the most out of them. With an easy-to-use app and easy-to-redeem rewards, it encourages customers to start playing right away and to keep playing for longer. Tigapo by Nayax helps lower costs, streamline operations, and increase revenue by streamlining the arcade experience for both operators and players.

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