Nayax’s Seamless Energy Solution Enables Pay N Charge to Streamline Their EV Charging Business

Pay N Charge Nordic is a charge point operator (CPO) and a market leader in electric car charging based in Torslanda, Sweden. They identified a growing need for seamless EV charging solutions and decided to go with Nayax Energy’s EV Meter. This complete solution enables them to provide their customers with EV charging stations with embedded payment terminals and open cashless payments while they manage their operation via Nayax’s smart management platform, EV Meter Core.  Pay N Charge chose to go with Nayax for several reasons, which will be highlighted below.

1. One Tech Partner

Nayax’s end-to-end solution means that Pay N Charge only has to interact with one tech partner, helping simplify installation, support, and development. According to Anders Jaxhagen, the Founder & Co-Owner of Pay N Charge, the Nayax team is easy to work with, they help him in the field, provide great technical support, and are always able to find and execute quick fixes for issues or demands that Pay N Charge receives from the market.

2. Statistics & Reports

Nayax’s robust EV Meter Core management platform allows the Pay N Charge business to grow by providing them with real-time reporting and statistics. These data allow Pay N Charge to make the best decisions for their business.

3. Enhanced User Experience

EV Meter Core also enables Pay N Charge to help their customers directly and immediately. With a bird’s eye view of what’s happening with their charging stations, network, and more at any given time, Pay N Charge can quickly and effectively react to any issue in the field.


“We especially like the seamless solutions that we can offer to our customers. One, we have the chargers, two, we have the open payment system, and three, we have the management system behind it, that’s EV Meter Core.” – Anders Jaxhagen, Founder & Co-Owner of Pay N Charge


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How Nayax’s Energy Solutions Can Help You Start or Grow an EV Charging Business

Whether you’re new to the EV field or want to grow your already established business, Nayax can give you the tools you need. From residential and commercial charging stations, to award-winning payment terminals, to a robust management platform, a complete or partial tailor-made solution is at your fingertips.

With Nayax, you can not only install charging stations at your business, but you can accept any form of payment, making these charging stations more accessible to your potential customers. If you already have charging stations but don’t have payment terminals, you can easily install Nayax’s POS devices onto your stations to streamline the payment experience. This will not only help generate more revenue for your business but will encourage more customers to charge at your charging stations and to return to your business.

You can easily monitor your sales, energy network, and customers with EV Meter Core to stay on top of your business and gather the information you need to further optimize your business. Our management tools also enable you to react more quickly to any potential issues, to communicate with the electrical grid in real time, and to ensure that customers have an exceptional experience at your charging stations.

No matter what kind of EV charging business you run, or what stage you’re at in developing your business, Nayax can help you grow. Get your free consultation today.

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