Nayax Partners with Produco in Italy to Bring VPOS Cashless Vending Solution to Pisa Airport

Nayax is proud to announce a new installation of VPOS, an all-in-one cashless payment reader for unattended automated machines, in Galileo Galilei Airport located in Pisa, Italy. Working with Produco, the operating company, VPOS will be installed on all vending machines in the airport, with an initial 80 machines, soon to be expanded to all ~200 machines. This plan ensures that ultimately over six million visitors, yearly traveling through the airport, will be able to purchase products with VPOS’s cashless solution. VPOS enables cashless payment from all the leading payment methods, including VISA, Mastercard, ApplePay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Nayax’s own Monyx Wallet payment app and more. In addition, VPOS is suitable for pre-paid cards and will let airport employees receive discounts with their employee cards.

“The entire process of installation, and setting up the back-end for monitoring our sales, has been an easy, supportive experience. Knowing that we can deal with one company for all our needs, whether it be related to the hardware, machine communication, or financial transactions, has made this a simply roll-out. Working with Nayax has been satisfying and rewarding, both for us and the airport,” said Mr. Franco De Filippo, Produco.

“This installation broadens Nayax’s global presence, potentially giving millions of travelers’ to Italy access to VPOS’s cashless payment solution. We’re excited that our presence in Galileo Galilei Airport ensures visitors from around the world can now choose their desired method of payment,” said Mr. Nezar Abu Hamam, General Manager, Nayax Italy.

About VPOS

The award-winning VPOS is an EMV-certified, LTE 4G cashless payment device. Accepting credit/debit cards, pre-paid cards, mobile app payments, QR codes via contact, contactless and swipe transactions. Suitable for closed and open environments, VPOS offers operators increased revenue, improved productivity and more opportunity for engaging consumers for marketing purposes. Nayax’s VPOS Touch is suitable for all verticals of unattended, automated devices, whether they be pulse-based such as laundromats, kiddie and amusement rides, public restrooms, photo booths, OCS, air vacs or PC-based machines found in the vending industry, phone chargers, car washes, etc. VPOS has seamless integration with Nayax’s telemetry and management system. This allows operators to monitor in real-time purchase transactions, generate daily, weekly or monthly reports to keep track of sales, inventory, cash levels, and more. The robust alert system lets operators set up the receipt of email or text alerts to notify of machine status operation. For more information about VPOS Touch and Nayax, contact

About Nayax

Nayax, a global IoT platform for unattended payments, telemetry and management tools, uniquely developed for the retail market was established in 2005. Over 200,000 devices are using Nayax solutions worldwide, in more than 55 countries. Nayax’s line of innovative products allows unprecedented marketing opportunities and capabilities for unattended machine operators to engage with their consumers. Point of sale options are flexible to enable future-proof cashless payment options from around the globe, including mobile payments, credit cards, QR codes, Nayax’s proprietary Monyx Wallet app and other social wallets. Nayax’s solutions are compliant with all automated machine protocols and are plug-and-play with all machines. Nayax’s goal is to bridge the gap of the unattended market and to transform point-of-sales into a 24/7 neighborhood store. For more information, visit

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