How to Choose the Right Payment System for Apartment Laundry Rooms

Having laundry rooms in apartment buildings allows residents to wash their clothes without leaving the building, even if they don’t have room for a washer and dryer in the apartment itself. Properties that have laundry services on the premises are often more attractive than those who don’t, because they provide added convenience for residents.

However, providing these services incurs a cost, and properties usually take on the cost of the machines, electricity, and water. In order to cover these extra costs, apartment laundry rooms often charge for these services. But not any old payment system can work in this context. There are several things to consider when choosing the right payment system for apartment laundry rooms. Keep reading to find out which ones. 


How to Choose the Right Payment System for Apartment Laundry Rooms


Seamless Payments

Consumers expect their payment experience to be seamless, especially if it’s for a service that they often use. Ensuring that your laundry payment system offers a tap and go payment experience is crucial. This way, customers can simply load up their laundry and run the machine in a few clicks or taps, much as they would if it was in their own home, with the simple addition of tapping their credit card, mobile phone, or smart watch, on the laundry card reader.


Loyalty & Rewards

In a closed-loop environment such as an apartment building or university, offering loyalty programs and rewards to people who use your services is a sure way to drive more revenue and to improve their experience. Offering happy hour discounts on off-hours, punch card campaigns such as get your 10th wash for free, or other personalized promos will encourage people to wash their laundry in the building instead of finding other alternatives.


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Prepaid Cards

A way to combine seamless payments with loyalty programs is by offering prepaid laundry cards. Offering residents a unique way to pay that they can only use at the laundry machines in the building will make it even easier for them to know how to use the services. Prepaid cards can also be digitalized through apps such as Nayax’s mobile payment app, Monyx Wallet, allowing residents to simply pay with their phone. This also enables them to receive extra rewards such as cashback via gamification and top-up bonuses. You can either offer them bonuses when they top up their card with their own money, or you can also offer them a pre-loaded prepaid card that you top off monthly, encouraging them to use your services.

On top of washers and dryers, you can also generate more revenue from detergent and other laundry products which you can sell on site via a vending machine or kiosk. Both of these businesses can be managed via the same platform, a management suite such as Nayax Core with a mobile management app such as MoMa 2.0, allowing you to see sales, transactions, and to receive alerts if anything isn’t working properly.

Now that we’ve addressed the features your laundry payment system should offer, we should also address the laundry card reader itself. You’ll want it to be two things; vandal-proof and customizable.



Though apartment buildings and universities are not public environments, you still want to ensure that your machinery and card readers are best protected. Laundry card readers such as VPOS Touch or Onyx reduce the risk of vandalism and theft with protective casing and real-time alerts.  



Customizable laundry card readers enable you to provide your customers with a better experience and to upsell them more easily. Pulse configurations such as multi-pricing enable you to display up to six different prices on the device screen so that you can charge different prices for warm and cold washes, or for wash and dry together. If you can’t get a laundry card reader for every individual machine, you can use the single price, multi-pulse configuration instead, allowing you to connect up to 6 machines to one single card reader.


Nayax can provide you with the most advanced laundry payment system in the world, enabling you to drive revenue and provide an excellent customer experience in your apartment laundry rooms. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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