Adding a Micro Market to Their Vending Business Increased S and S Vending’s Sales by Up To 70%

See how S and S Vending significantly increased their vending business revenue with Nayax’s Nova Market and how you can too!

S and S Vending is a vending business based in Fort City, Kansas. S and S Vending was already a Nayax customer when they decided to expand their business by adding a micro market on top of their vending machines. With Nayax’s Nova Market self-checkout kiosk, S and S Vending has increased its weekly sales by 65-70%.

Here’s how micro markets help drive sales:

  1. Offer More Varied Products

Micro markets don’t limit business owners to space the way that vending machines do. With micro markets, you can add almost any kind of item to your offering, providing consumers with more choice and even full meals so that they don’t have to leave the office building during their lunch break.

  1. Improve Consumer Experience

The Nova Market has a simple interface making it easy to use.  It also accepts multiple payment methods, providing consumers with a more positive experience.

  1. Purchase Several Items in One Transaction

Micro market self-checkout kiosks such as the Nova Market enable consumers to purchase several items in just one transaction, increasing your average transaction value.

“For us, compared to the standard vending system that we’ve been using, the ease of use and traceability is just so hands down better. We’re just excited to see that we can save money and at the same time increase our sales.”

Bernard Streeter, Owner, S and S Vending


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How to Make the Most out of Nova Market to Increase Sales and Reduce Costs

Nayax’s Nova Market comes with Nayax’s end-to-end solutions for your business. With the Nayax Core management suite, formerly NayaxVend and the MoMa 2.0 app, business owners can keep track of sales, inventory, and more 24/7. These features help owners save time by keeping track of what items need to be refilled. Knowing what items sell the most also helps business owners make smarter decisions about which items to restock with.

Micro markets also enable business owners to sell more varied and higher-priced items than vending machines. Nayax’s Management Suite also helps you track items, which reduces shrinkage and helps you manage your business worry-free.

And lastly, with the Monyx Wallet app, you can provide consumers with a convenient way to pay and even reward them with deals, promotions, and cashback. This will drive more loyal customers to return and make repeat purchases at your business, again working to increase your revenue and ensure your business’ success. Monyx Wallet allows you to personalize your offer, helping you build better relationships with your customers and increasing customer stickiness.

Want to learn more about micro markets? Check out our guide to mastering the industry here.

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