How Using a Cashless Self-Checkout Kiosk Helped Majura Valley Farm Gate Shop Increase Revenue

Majura Valley Farm Gate Shop sells fresh produce directly from the farm 7 days a week. The business started out with an egg van, and has grown to an accessible farm shop that is able to sell more varied products. This change was made possible thanks to Nayax’s Nova Market self-checkout kiosk.

1. Change the Way Customers Buy

Customers no longer visit the shop with exact change. With Nova Market, they can now pay with their credit card, debit card, or mobile wallet: whichever they choose.

2. Grow Basket Size

Since customers are able to pay for products with a variety of cashless payment methods, they make more spontaneous decisions about what they’re going to buy. Instead of buying a dozen eggs like they usually would, they may add in some produce, growing their basket size. This change led to about a 20% increase in revenue.

3. See Live Transactions

Nova Market is fully synced to Nayax Core, formerly NayaxVend, Nayax’s Cloud management system. This allows Majura Valley’s staff to see transactions and to gather data about their sales and customers. This allows them to optimize their inventory to ensure that shelves are fully stocked with the products that customers want when they’re most likely to visit.


“The capacity for consumers to pay by card enables a lot more spontaneous decisions to be made within the store. Since then, we’ve seen an increase of about 20% in revenue.” – Fred McGrath Weber, Majura Valley Farm Gate Shop


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How Nayax’s Nova Market Can Help You Increase Revenue at Your Small Business

Nayax’s Nova Market gives customers a seamless and intuitive checkout experience and can benefit your business in many ways. Not only do they increase customer satisfaction and increase basket size, but they provide you with the knowledge and data you need to manage your operation with peace of mind. Whether you own a vending business or a small honesty box business, Nova Market can help you grow.

The self-checkout kiosk comes fully integrated with a robust management system that allows you to manage inventory, sales, customers, and more. This management system is fully synced with a mobile management app allowing you to seamlessly add products by scanning a barcode or entering them manually, and you can edit products and prices remotely.

Nayax’s management suite also allows you to create and manage loyalty campaigns, increasing customer engagement and spend. With punch card campaigns, happy hour discounts, top-up bonuses, and other features, you can encourage customers to return to your business and drive more sales.

Nayax’s solutions cover your business from A to Z, helping ease operations and allowing you to focus on what’s important. Want to learn more about Nayax’s solution for your small business? Contact us today.

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