MoMa – New Features

Stay up to date with MoMa’s latest features & see how they can help you operate your business more efficiently and profitably.

June 2024

Light bulb New Features

| New KPIs for Machines

You can now track additional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your machines, including Last RSSI, Temperature, and Picklist. To add one of these to your machine KPI list, simply navigate to the relevant machine, click Add KPI, select General, and choose your desired categories. 

Screens screenshot of a screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated

We know you have your hands full – both figuratively and literally! In addition to typing, you can now use your voice to search within any search bar throughout the app. Simply press down on the microphone icon and clearly state the item you’re looking for. The app automatically recognizes the language configured in your phone’s operating system, so use that language for your voice-enabled search. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed permissions for product map bin actions menu. 
  • Resolved issues with product creation after switching products. 
  • Corrected the date range field on the Last Sales screen. 
  • Ensured continuity in the graph of the This Year vs. Last Year widget. 
  • Fixed display issues with right-to-left text on some screens. 
  • Eliminated flickering in the announcements display. 
  • Corrected validation for the Load Default Layout form. 
  • Fixed the search field’s X button, which in some cases did not clear the field content. 
  • Resolved issues with alerts not appearing in the notification center. 
  • Added the missing dot button on the iOS keyboard in the retail price field. 
  • Addressed the missing “Are you sure?” prompt when exiting without saving in filters. 

May 2024

Light bulb New Features

| Product Map Template by Machine Model

Set up product maps in a snap with machine model templates! You can find this new feature as the Load Default Layout option under Product Map Actions. From there, choose the relevant machine model, click on Load, and assign products to each bin to complete the map. This handy tool will reduce setup time and ensure consistency.

| New Machine Search Filters

Easily search for specific machines, with enhanced filtering options. Tap the Filters icon at the top of the Machines screen to access these newly-added filters: Institute, Customer, Model, Machine Profile, Connected Device, Connected VPOS, Device Type, VPOS Type, Device Status and VPOS Status.

| Product Image Deletion

You can now easily delete outdated images directly from the Product Details screen, while keeping all other data intact. In the Product Details screen, simply click on the eye icon next to the image and click on Delete.

UI/UX Improvements

| Improved Speed and Loading Performance

We’ve implemented a major upgrade to our backend systems, which has reduced screen loading time by up to 50%. Users operating in areas with poor internet reception can expect a faster MoMa experience.

| Alert Symbol on Empty Bins

We’ve added a red exclamation mark icon to the right of empty product bins, so you can quickly identify which need to be restocked.

| Graphic Icons for Machine Filters

We’ve added graphic icons to our machine filter options for more streamlined navigation and ease of use.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed behavior on the bottom level of the actor hierarchy.
• Streamlined multi-email selection in refund and receipt generation.
• Fixed search value transfer when switching between machines and actors.
• Edited the “save” button which was perpetually enabled in machine settings.
• Disabled refund generation function for non-refundable transactions.

March 2024

Light bulb New Features

| Payment Source & Billing Provider Included in Last Sales

Easily access detailed information on each transaction in your Last Sales. Payment source icons are now displayed next to the card number, and the billing provider is shown when clicking on a particular transaction. This enables you to understand customer payment habits, track possible issues with payment methods, and look up transactions by filtering payment sources.
Note: Transactions marked as “NFC” relate to digital wallets, such as Google Wallet or Apple Pay. For security reasons, a temporary four-digit code (generated by the wallet) is displayed instead of the consumer’s real card number.

| New Actions in Product Map Action Bar

Spend less time navigating between menus! On the Products Map tab, all relevant actions -including importing, loading, managing picklist, adjusting stock, and accessing map settings – are now available with a click on the three dots to the right of the search bar.

| “No Device” Machine Status Indicator

For enhanced clarity in managing machines, we’ve introduced a new “No Device” status. This helps distinguish between machines that are truly offline and those that are active but lack connection to a physical POS.

This version includes bug fixes and general improvements.

  • Resolved an issue with keyboard focus in search fields, for improved usability.
  • Enhanced the stability of language translations.
  • Corrected the issue with toggling between machines and operators in search results, for a smoother user experience.
  • Addressed a bug where the products map did not refresh properly after updating map settings.
  • Improved the refund screen with fixes and added error messages for clearer communication.
  • Fixed a display error in the products map that showed numbering instead of MDB/PA.
  • Resolved the issue with swiping up on the products map screen, for better usability.
  • Implemented a fix for the pull-to-refresh action on the products map screen.
  • Corrected field updates during product duplication, to prevent unintended changes.
  • Adjusted the display in the “This Year vs. Last Year” widget, for accurate comparisons.
  • Fixed the redirection behavior in the notification settings screen, to ensure users are taken to the correct page.

February 2024

Light bulb New Features

| In-App Refund Management

We’re thrilled to introduce refund management via your mobile device! Issuing refunds for cashless transactions is now easier than ever.
To issue a refund:

  1. Navigate to the relevant machine’s Last Sales screen and select the transaction you wish to refund.
  2. Review the transaction details in the pop-up sheet, and then tap “Request Refund”.
  3. Fill out the required fields of the refund form, where you can choose between a full or partial refund, specify the reason for the refund, and add a confirmation email recipient.
  4. Confirm by approving or declining the refund.

Please note: If the “Request Refund” button is not displayed, the transaction is not eligible for a refund at this time.

| Picklist PDF Download

Sharing a picklist is now simpler and faster with our new feature. Within any machine screen, tap on the floating action button, generate your picklist, and within the picklist screen, select the ‘share’ button at the top right. The app will automatically download the picklist in PDF format and prompt your mobile’s OS share dialogue. From there, utilize the document as needed for your operations, whether sending to print or emailing your drivers.

This version includes bug fixes and general improvements.

  • Last Sales – declined transactions were not displayed. They are now displayed and sorted by authorization time.
  • Last Sales – fixed the time zone on the time range filter.
  • Replace Device – added a ‘Replace Device’ success message.
  • Resolved Search fields keyboard focus.
  • Machine Remarks keyboard focus.

January 2024

Light bulb New Features

| Alert Explanations

The Last Alerts screen on MoMa now includes written explanations for specific events, to give you the context you need to manage them.

| Filtering Options in Last Alerts

It’s now faster and easier to see the specific alerts you’re interested in. The Last Alerts screen on MoMa now enables filtering by event name, group, and source category.

| Recovery Badge for Smart Logic Alerts

To make it clearer when alerts are resolved, we’ve added a green “Recovered” badge for threshold alerts/smart logic alerts.

| KPI List Categories

It is now easier to find the specific KPI you’re looking for when managing KPIs, as we’ve divided the bulk list into categories.

| New Products Map Action Bar & ‘Import Map’ Feature

You can now import Product Maps and reach Map Settings via a new action bar. In the Products Map tab of any machine, click on the 3-dot button to the right of the search bar. From there, import any saved map.

This version includes bug fixes and general improvements.

•Machine price field used to be editable. It is no longer editable.

December 2023

Light bulb New Features

| Firmware Version Update

You can now trigger device firmware updates from the Machine Actions screen in the MoMa app.
Navigate to the chosen machine screen, and then simply click the FAB (floating actions button) >> Actions >> Update Version >> choose the latest version >> Select >> Update

You will be presented with the option to update immediately, or save and schedule the update for another time, to minimize possible interference in operations.

| Fingerprint/Face ID Access

For enhanced app security, we’ve added an option to enable fingerprint and face ID to unlock MoMa. To do this, click More on the bottom right >> Security >> Unlock with Fingerprint/Face ID >> choose your preferred amount of time before the app auto-locks.

Once your screen has locked again in accordance with your chosen timeframe, you’ll be greeted with a welcome screen requesting either a fingerprint (for Android devices) or face ID (for Apple devices).

| Easy Product Bin Setup

It’s now easier to set up your product map. You can quickly assign products to specific bins within a machine via a new dedicated button. To do this, navigate to the desired machine >> Products Map >> Assign to Bin.

| Product Search Bar

You can now easily navigate to specific products within a machine via a new search bar.


This version includes bug fixes and general improvements.

  • Fixed issues in the time and date picker.
  • Parameters configured as ‘hidden’ were still being displayed and open to value changes. These parameters will no longer be displayed.
  • Fixed a bug that interfered with generating a picklist.

October 2023

Light bulb New Features

| Product Maps – Missing Items Indicator, Product Prices, and Bin Duplication

In the Product list, we’ve added an indication of the number of items missing from each bin, so
you can see your machine’s status at a glance.

When the Machine Price field is empty, instead of displaying it as $0, that Machine Price will simply not appear on the page.

When creating a product map, you can now easily duplicate bins. In the Product Details screen, simply click on the three dots next to the product name, and select
Duplicate Bin from the dropdown menu that appears.


Improved Experience

| Product Catalog Groups Display

For added convenience and a cleaner visual, if a product group is empty, it won’t be displayed in the catalog. When adding new products, however, you may still choose to do so in any group, whether empty or populated.


| Machine Number Display

For ease of identification, the number of each machine is now displayed under its name, next to the machine ID.

| Access to the Camera

We have added an Enable Camera screen, so you can easily access your camera as needed, for example to scan barcodes, or photograph machines and products.


This version includes bug fixes and general improvements.

  • Fixed the You’re Offline message that was occasionally displayed when there was connectivity.
  • Enlarged the drag & drop area in the KPI screen for better control.
  • Enabled faster loading of results when applying filters.
  • Enabled automatic updating of dashboards when switching between actors.
  • Stopped the keyboard automatically popping up and concealing the View by screen.
  • And much more!

September 2023

Light bulb New Features

| Product Map Quick Actions: Efficiency Boost!

Your time is important to us, which is why we’ve added a quick action button to the products map bin screen.
Introducing ‘Empty’ and ‘Full: two new buttons that enable you to update the on-hand capacity value much faster than before. The ‘Load default pricing’ button will update the bin pricing to match the product’s default pricing from the product catalog. The default price is the price listed in the product catalog, so you must update prices in the product catalog first. If you have changed prices in the past, this enables you to easily return the price to the default price.

| Group Your Leading Products: Enhanced Inventory Management

You can now group your top-selling machine products together and create stock level alerts tailored to them, so you can focus on the products that matter to you most. Effortlessly designate them to be related to either bin group 1 or 2, by enabling the ‘Assign to bin group’ toggle on the bin’s screen. Once activated, you can set machine alert thresholds specific to this product group, so you can monitor stock levels of your leading products, in addition to the overall machine inventory.

| Last Sales Revamp: Intuitive Filtering for Faster Lookups!

The Last Sales screen is a favorite among MoMa users, and it’s just gotten even better! We’ve added options to filter and search with ease. You can now filter by transaction status, payment type, and even specific amount and time ranges. For searches, you can pinpoint a transaction by product name or last 4 digits. When a buyer reaches out to you with a query about their purchase, you will be able to locate their transaction in record time.

| Generate & Share Receipts: Convenience Meets Functionality!

To elevate your sales documentation experience, we’ve added a ‘Generate Receipt’ option within the machine’s recent sales section. Simply select a sales entry to gain access to the new ‘Generate Receipt’ button, and easily download a PDF for printing and/ or email the receipt directly to the customer, for both convenience and versatility.

| Enhanced Products Catalog – One-Click Group Creation!

To enhance the product catalog, we’ve made it simpler to add new items, specifically products and product groups. Click on the ‘+’ button and choose whether to add a product or a product group – both options are now available at your fingertips. When creating a new product group, a dedicated screen appears where you can input the group name and either select an icon or upload a relevant image.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed location and institute fields in machine settings.
  • Resolved sales table widget data display and horizontal scrolling.
  • Fixed several issues that caused app crashes.
  • Fixed products map data refresh after inventory actions.
  • Fixed picklist scrolling issues.
  • Resolved user preferences to work with date/ time in order to display the latest updates.
  • Fixed missing clear filters in machine filters bottom sheet.

August 2023

Introducing: MoMa’s Quarterly User Survey

| Share Your Thoughts, and Help Us Shape the Future 

We strive to constantly improve our app to better suit your needs and improve your experience, and your feedback is key in helping us, help you. So, we’ve introduced a new quarterly user survey, accessibly located in the app’s notification center, to make it easy for you to provide feedback within the app, and submit open-ended suggestions for enhancements and features that would make life even better.

Light bulb New Features

| Streamlined Machine Overview: Clarity at a Glance!

We are excited to reveal the extensively upgraded Overview tab that has been meticulously designed to replace the previous Tasks & Alerts tab. The redesigned interface provides an at a glance holistic view of your machine’s essential metrics, so you can effortlessly monitor elements like communication status, stock availability, today’s financial performance, real-time alerts, and general machine specifics.

But that’s not all… wait till you hear about the “Remarks” feature that enables you to input and save detailed notes directly associated with the machine. These notes will be visible to every user accessing this machine, facilitating better communication and understanding across teams.

| Quick KPI Addition: Efficiency in Two Clicks!

Aiming to enhance your user experience and the utility of KPIs on MoMa, we’ve integrated an intuitive “Add KPI” button. Positioned strategically after the last value, this button is designed to make KPI addition a breeze, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple options. Now, in just two simple clicks, a new KPI can be added, ensuring efficiency and user-friendliness. But don’t be alarmed, the familiar gear icon is still there for users looking to reorder or remove KPIs.

UI Changes

| Prioritized Sales View: Minimized Scrolling, Maximized Efficiency!

Based on your feedback, we’ve shifted the total sales (transactions) column to the front of the grid. This ensures quicker access without the need to scroll to the end.


Help Center Expansion: Empowering Users with More Resources!

There’s never a dull moment at our help center. Our latest additions are the quick links we’ve integrated into the app, leading directly to our Youtube channel, packed with tutorial videos. Additionally, we’ve added an AMIT/VPOS Troubleshooting guide to assist you with common VPOS/AMIT challenge

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed alert description in notifications.
  • Resolved Pay with Monyx crash on iOS.
  • Fixed widget clicking issues.
  • Fixed bug in replace device from machine actions.
  • Updated the UI when there is no KPIs at all on the machine screen.
  • Fixed customer/location fields under machine info.

July 2023

Light bulb New Features

| Product Catalog – Boost Efficiency and Organization

This game-changing update puts you in full control of your product catalog. With the new features in this release, MoMa 2.0 empowers you to effortlessly manage your products. Adding and editing product details- from product names and images, to amount in tray and even product groups – you can organize and tailor your catalog to perfection. Access this enhanced product catalog through the More screen, where a simple click opens up a world of streamlined product management.




| Last Sales Status and Multi-Order Details – Unlock Insights 

Last Sales, the most frequently visited screen on MoMa, is getting an upgrade! We’re excited to introduce two new features to elevate your experience: first, enjoy a much more detailed status, providing enhanced insights into the reasons behind cancelled transactions; second, effortlessly access multi-order details by clicking on the order, revealing a bottom sheet with comprehensive transaction information.

| PAR Field in Product Adding to Products Map – Enjoy Time-Saving Convenience 

We value your time, and that’s why we’ve made adding products to the products map even more convenient. Now, you can streamline your product entry process and effortlessly fill in all required details in one simple step: when you add a new product, you can immediately fill in the PAR field along with the PA/MDB codes.

| Love MoMa? Rate Us in the App/Play Store! 

We value your feedback! We’ve added an easy-to-reach “Rate Us” button on the More screen to make it simple for you to share your experience. If you find MoMa helpful in your daily tasks, please consider rating our app in the App Store or Google Play Store. Thank you for helping us to improve!

UI Changes

| Machine Actions Snackbar – Clearer Actions Status 

We have acted on your feedback! To improve clarity on whether an action has been sent to the machine, we’ve introduced the Status Snackbar. Now when you click on an action, a status indicator will appear providing you with an updates on its progress. Enjoy a more straight forward and efficient Machine Actions experience.

| Full-Screen Product Display – Improved Visual Experience 

Enjoy a more immersive and user-friendly experience with the enhanced Image Preview in MoMa. Now, you can easily view product images in full-screen mode, with just one click. Simply tap on the image, and it will expand to display in all its glory. At the top, you’ll find the product name for quick reference, while at the bottom, you’ll have the convenience of an Edit button so you can update the image with a new one.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed keyboard type for numeric fields for iPhones.
  • Fixed hidden fields view in Queue.
  • Fixed hidden actors in the actors tree with 0 machines.
  • Fixed user settings sorting to appear in A-Z order.
  • Resolved announcements display, which didn’t appear for some users.
  • Fixed appearance of keyboard after selection of search result.
  • Fixed products map update issue after product details update.

June 2023

UI Changes

| Enjoy greater clarity about machine status, with improved user experience for Inactive/ Offline/ Online

In order to give you a better understanding of machine status, we’ve subdivided the previous Off status into the following two categories:
Inactive – a grey icon represents an inactive machine.
Offline – a red icon represents an active machine that isn’t currently communicating.

We have also changed the On status to Online, with a green icon representing an active machine that is online.

| Efficiently mapping new products: introducing the PAR field on new product screen

We’ve simplified the process of adding a new product, by consolidating all required fields – including the PAR field – into a new product screen. This will reduce the time it takes to add a new product to the products map, as you set the MDB/PA code and the PAR simultaneously, in a single, convenient location.

Bug Fixes

  • From this version, you will need only the MDB or the PA codes fields, depends on your machine type.
  • Resolved dashboard FAB issue that sometimes didn’t open.
  • Fixed Yesterday Cash / Cashless KPI on machines screen.
  • Fixed Reset Data while disconnected from the internet.
  • Fixed Pull To Refresh in empty state screens of machine logs.

May 2023

Light bulb New Features

| Product Editing – Centralizing Control in MoMa

Product map management is a key function of MoMa, and we’re excited to boost this capability with an extensive new product editing feature. You can now modify multiple product details, such as name, image, category, and much more.

You will find this feature on the Product Details screen. Click on the three-dots next to the product name to access the Actions options. The bottom drawer that appears conveniently centralizes Switch Product, Delete Bin, and Edit Product, in one accessible location.

| Delete Bin – A full control & management option.

This “delete bin” option allows you to delete the bin from the machine’s products map. This button can be found at the bottom of the product screen.

| MoMa announcements – Stay Connected and Informed

As part of our commitment to keeping you informed about all our latest product and information updates, we are excited to introduce a new feature: MoMa Announcements.

This feature is designed to keep you informed about various news items, including recent changes to the latest product version, webinar notifications, surveys, and other updates that can help you boost your productivity and business growth.

You’ll find this new section conveniently located at the top of your Notification Center. Simply swipe the screen to reveal all recent announcements, and click on the X to close them again.

| ‘Favorites’ list becomes global – Find your favorite machine in no time!

In order to save you time when searching your favorite machines, we’ve set the ‘favorites’ list to global (regardless of sub-operator). Now, you can see and switch to any of your favorite machines, whichever actor you are in.

| New EV Dashboards – Providing management solutions for all Nayax’s products

From now on, if you’re a CPO (charge point operator), you can easily make data-driven decisions based on charging connector analytics, which you can manage from the MoMa app. We’ve added two types of widgets in the Dashboard screen: (1) The new ‘EV Machine Sales’ widget displays data about revenue, energy consumed and connector charging time under the selected actor. This widget is also available on the ‘machine analytics’ screen, where you can see a display of the graph for a specific machine. (2) The second new widget is ‘EV Charger Status’, which displays the status of all connectors under the selected actor, so that you can see all your charging station status, at a glance.

UI Changes

| Machine’s products map hints – Enhancing Understanding, Boosting Productivity

To ensure you get the most out of MoMa, we’ve introduced a new Hint button adjacent to specific pricing fields on the Product Details screen, from pricing to field selection.

Simply click on the “i” icon next to the field, and a helpful explanation will pop up.

| Align search behavior – Unified Search Experience

We’ve aligned the behavior of the search fields across all MoMa screens, creating a more seamless experience that makes it even quicker and easier to find machines or products.

To initiate a search, simply click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the app screen. The search field will open, together with a keyboard. Type in your search term, and the results will be instantly displayed. To make it easier to scroll through the list, the search field will then close, and a yellow dot will appear on the magnifying glass icon to indicate that you’re in search mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed wrong search fields from model searching.
  • Fixed DEX logs display that appears empty for some users.
  • Increased the clickable area of KPI order change
  • Optimized app loading performance, now with CRC
  • The Actors List is now include default sorting by alphabetically (A to Z), for easier
  • Fixed an issue with the Notification Center related to time zone
  • Fixed an issue with the Adjust Stock feature, whereby the Save button would get stuck due to low internet
  • Fixed an issue with barcode scanning on the Device/ VPOS
  • Added loading indicators and empty state messages to the Device/ VPOS screen, for better user
  • Refined Total Vendout KPI display, by removing the decimal
  • Enhanced usability of the Notification Center, such that returning to the list now takes you back to your previous

April 2023

Light bulb New Features

| Refresh Your Alert Updates – Simply & Effortlessly!

Always stay up to date with our new update refresh option! Viewing your machines’ latest alerts is now easier than ever: All you need to do is to open the “Machine Alerts” screen and pull it down to refresh. This will completely refresh the alerts that appear with their most up to date status.

| Enhanced Search Experience – Seamless Machine & Operator Exploration

To help you refine your search experience and make it faster and more efficient, we’ve added some new and enhanced search options. By clicking on the search button (magnifying glass icon) on the “machines” screen, you will see new search types for “Machines” and “Operators”. You can easily switch between them.

| Filter Reset Buttons – Saving You Time

To improve your productivity and help you save time, we’ve added 2 quick action buttons that will help you clear filters and switch back to the “All Machines” view easily. This will be useful in case you didn’t notice that the filters were active or that you were in a favorites view.

| Mark All Notifications as “Read” – Efficient Alert Handling

Manage your notifications efficiently with the new option to mark all of your alerts as read. Just click on the 3 dots at top of the “Notification Center” screen and choose “Mark all notifications as read”. This will mark all messages as read and reset the unread messages counter that appears in the bottom navigation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed time zone offset on DEX Logs.
  • Resolved scrolling issue on the FAQ screen.
  • Resolved empty state image in the notification center.
  • Fixed app update popup’s closure.
  • Resolved switch button permission issue.
  • Fixed issue with machine’s picture editing.
  • Resolved OCPP Electric machine model default image and icon.

March 2023

Light bulb New Features

| Help Center & FAQ Section – A quick and easy way to get the answers you’re looking for.

The help center is continuing to grow and improve! We’ve added a search option and the questions and answers are displayed in a way that is easier for you to read. In addition, we’ve added a rating option so that we can get your feedback which will help us understand if the help center is useful and beneficial to you.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the language load in offline mode.
  • Fixed authorization issue when switching operators.
  • Fixed receipt display on “Pay with Monyx”.
  • Resolved the message on authenticator.
  • The “Switch actor” popup was fixed.
  • Fixed the stuck “analytics” widgets in shimmers mode.
  • Dex logs display fixed.
  • Improved storage clear on iOS app uninstall.

February 2023

Light bulb New Features

| New Help Center – A quick and easy way to get the answers you’re looking for

We are excited to introduce you to our new MoMa 2.0 Help Center, a quick and easy way to answer all of your questions and save you time! In the Help Center, you will find FAQs, newsletters, access to our Facebook community, and contact options. The FAQs section includes over 35 of the most frequently asked questions divided into different categories, such as “machines screen”, “products map”, “alerts”, and more so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. We’ll add new FAQs as we go along, according to your questions, needs, and requests.

You can find the Help Center under the “More” screen:

| Clear All Notifications Option – Save time in just a click

The new “Clear All Notifications” option will allow you to delete all stored notifications in just one click, helping you save time and manage your notifications more efficiently.

You can find this feature by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right of the notification center screen:

| Notifications Badge – Helping you stay on top of your business

We’ve added an unread messages counter next to the Alerts button on the bottom navigation menu which can be seen from all main screens. This will make sure that you don’t miss any notifications and that you are always up to date.

Bug Fixes

  • We Fixed the time culture display format in the machine log screens.
  • We Fixed the keyboard closer after an item is selected from a drop-down list.
  • We deleted the white screen in the iOS app when loading.

January 2023

Light bulb New Features

| New “Send Feedback” option – because we want to hear from you.
Introducing our new feedback system that ease the process of reporting bugs or suggesting new features.
Click on the “More” screen (right bottom menu) >> Click on “Send Feedback” >> select the feedback type (“Bug Report”, “Improvement Suggestion”, “Question” or “Other”) >> Follow the questions.
We will do our best to resolve the issue once we receive your request.

| Machine’s DEX read logs – Making better decisions with more data.

We are excited to announce that we’ve added the option to see the machine’s DEX logs directly through MoMa. You can find it under the “machine’s logs” tab. In the new DEX screen, you can see the list of the latest DEX’s reads, the read’s details, and even the raw read data with the option to copy this.

| Machine History log – stay on top of things, wherever you are.

With the new “History” screen in MoMa, you can view what has changed in your machiens, when, and who made it. This new screen allows you to stay on top of things and be in control of everything that happens on your machines. It can be found under the “Logs” tab on the “Machine” screen.

| Protection from overriding of machine’s sticker – Less mistakes results in greater productivity.

To avoid overriding accidentally existent machine sticker with new ones, we’ve added a new screen that informs about this collision and asks for approval for such sticker replacement. The new warning screen appears both when clicking on “attach sticker” from machine’s actions and when scanning a new sticker from the machine’s list.

| Machine Default Image – New images!

We’ve added over 40 default machine images for almost every type of machine. Of course, you can upload your own images so that it will be easier to identify the machine from the phone.
To upload your own machine image, click on the pencil icon on the banner and take a photo or select it from your device.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue in manage alerts’ notifications.
  • Fixed alert time that appeared sometimes in a wrong time zone.
  • Fixed behavior issue of main navigation.
  • Resolved an issue of comma in the price field.
  • Fixed issue that some alerts didn’t appear in machines list filters.
  • Resolved an issue with selection of machine group on machine info screen.
  • The default sorting of machine products map was resolved.
  • App loading speed was improved.
  • The app’s lagging issue on some dated phones was fixed.
  • The issue of sticker scanning from inside the machine was solved.
  • The issue with filling commission value with dot on iOS was solved.
  • We’ve fixed the issue when the “add bin” button didn’t appear sometimes.
action / 9 - action, cancel, close, delete, exit, remove, x icon
action / 9 - action, cancel, close, delete, exit, remove, x icon