Nayax Core

Stay up to date on Nayax Core's new features and learn how to use them to optimize and streamline your operations.


Light bulb New Features

| Improvement in Speed and Loading Performance

We’ve implemented a major upgrade to our backend systems, which has reduced screen loading time by up to 50%. Users operating in areas with poor internet reception can expect a faster Core experience.

| New KPIs for Machines

We’ve added new KPIs to the machine list screen, including: Last RSSI, Temperature, Remote Price Change Status, and Picklist Status. To track these KPIs, simply click on the three-column icon located on the top right-hand side of the Machines screen, and then select the ones relevant to you under the “General” category.
This update brings you new KPIs for machine monitoring, simplified cash accountability, and a significant improvement in speed/screen loading performance

| Cash Accountability: Expected Values Displayed in Main Table and Exported Files

We’ve listened to your feedback! You can now see a breakdown of expected coin and cash collection values
via the main machine table and in exported files. Save time by eliminating the need to check each machine

Bug Fixes

• Fixed issues in the Bulk Update Version pop-up window.
• Fixed decimal point in Products Map pricing field.
• Enabled unchecking of all search categories with the “all fields” filter option.


Light bulb New Features

| Color Indication for Failed Transactions

Within the Last Sales screen, we’ve added color indications for unsuccessful transactions. Successful transactions remain uncolored.

| Descriptions in Transaction Status Field

Within the Status column in the Last Sales screen, we now indicate the reason for a failed transaction.

| Multi-Vend Item Display

Within the Last Sales screen, we now include a breakdown of the items purchased in a multi-vend transaction. The breakdown can be seen both as a tooltip (when hovering over the products) and on the blade (that opens to the right when clicking on a transaction row).

| Improved UX/UI for Bulk Actions

We’ve relocated the Bulk Actions section to the bottom of the Machines screen to allow for continued filtering at the top of the page, while maintaining machine selection.

| Machine Profile Field

We’ve added the Machine Profile field to the Machine Info screen.



Light bulb New Features

| Search users in multiple hierarchies

Operators with access to users under different operators and hierarchies can now search for them, without switching hierarchies.
Instead of clicking the Globe icon and switching locations from the dropdown menu, simply navigate to Administration > System Users and access all user data.


Light bulb New Features

| Seamless Firmware Updates: Stay in the Know 

Keeping up with the latest tech just got simpler! Dive into the machine action menu to see the newest Device/VPOS firmware versions. The updates are color coded: Minor (purple) and Draft (blue). You can either send updates instantly or plan them for a later date and time.

Pro tip: give the new firmware a test drive on a few machines before a full roll-out.

Operations >> Machines List >> Specific Machine >> Actions button >> Update Version

| Dive Deeper with Enhanced Machine Search in Actors Tree

Spot your machines more easily, including their names, IDs, and green/red color-coded status lights. If you’re in a hurry, use the top search bar to search by machine name or ID and you’ll get a neat display of both machines and actors.

Operations >> Actors Tree >> Search field / Selection

| Save Time with One-Click Actor and Device Quick Access

Easily access actor and device details directly from the machine’s overview screen. Simply click on the arrow icon next to the Actor name or Device ID. This launches a new tab for comprehensive editing and management options.

Operations >> Machines >> Specific machine >> Overview Tab (Machine Info) >> Actor/Device arrow icon


UX Changes

We’re constantly working on and updating Nayax Core to make it more useful, intuitive, and easy to interact with. We do this to ensure that you get real value and can effortlessly find what you’re looking. In this release, we’ve improved some of our capabilities with the aim of optimizing your experience within Nayax Core: 


| Intuitive Product Map Actions: Redesigned Menu Interface

Discover and execute actions on your product maps more efficiently than ever. Actions are now categorized into four distinct sections: 

Stock: Quick- access features to update stock levels.

* Prices: Dedicated tools for pricing-related tasks. 
* Add Bins: Streamlined bin addition.
* Misc: This section houses a range of settings and, in upcoming updates, will introduce the option to export data.

Operations >> Machines >> Select a specific machine >> Products >> Click the 3 dots on the right

| Skip the Setup: Directly import Your Product Maps!

Bypass the grind of manually creating product maps. Once you’ve crafted a product map for one machine, simply click on the ‘Products Map’ menu located near the search button and select “Save as New Map”. When you switch to another machine, the same menu offers an “Import Map” option. Choose from your saved maps or others in the list to instantly populate products so that you don’t need to repeat the same steps for each machine. The enhanced import functionality also lets you seamlessly search and filter by machine model, optimizing your setup process. 


Operations >> Machines  >> Select a specific machine >> Products Tab >> Products Map Menu 

| Efficient Picklist Generation: Optimized and Intuitive! 


Craft the perfect picklist using our revamped picklist actions. Before you create a picklist, find the ‘Generate Picklist’ button to generate and display a picklist with just a click. Once established, you can go to the menu for options to view, regenerate, delete, and fill the picklist. In the future, you’ll be able to download your picklists as well.


Light bulb New Features

| Column Customization – Tailor Your Machines List to Your Needs

The machine list columns are now customizable, so you can see the information that’s important to you, at a glance. To customize the list, click on the columns icon on the right side of the screen and select the KPIs that you want to add. You can also search for KPIs by name or category. Once you’ve customized the list, click on the Save button to confirm your changes.

Click on “Operations” >> “Machines” page >> Click on the columns icon on the right side

| Refine Your Search with More Machine Filters
Searching for specific machines has become easier with our latest update. We’ve included several new filter options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for or help you manage bulk actions more efficiently. These filters encompass Machine Model, Machine Profile, Device Type, VPOS Type, Customer, Institute, among others. Navigate to the machines screen and click on the filters button. A ‘More’ option will surface, which, upon clicking, reveals a variety of filters. Select your desired filters and they’ll instantly appear in the filters bar.

Click on “Operations” >> “Machines” page >> click on Filters button >> click on the “More” button >> select the desired filters from the list

| Streamlined Stock Adjustment with Editable PAR Field

To streamline your product management process, we’ve upgraded the Adjust Stock screen. You now have the capability to edit the PAR level in addition to the onHand field which can be edited today. This enhancement ensures efficient handling of product map capacities and levels, all from one centralized location.

Click on “Operations” >> “Machines” page >> choose the desired machine >> “Products Map” tab >> click on the 3 dots on the right side >> “Adjust stock”

| Product Map – Optimize Setup Times with New ‘Assign Product’ Option

In the new release, we have added a solution for quickly updating and customizing your machine’s product map. If your product map is still not fully set up, you may see that the system creates empty bins labelled as Unknown Product. To resolve this issue and reduce setup times for new product maps, we have changed the Unknown Product to an Assign Product button. Click on it to select a product to assign to this bin from the operator’s product catalog.

Click on “Operations” >> “Machines” page >> select the desired machine >> “products” tab

| Search in Update Attributes – Instantly Locate the Desired Attribute

Our goal is to make your life easier! In this version, we have made the search for attributes on the Update Attributes screen much simpler, by adding a search field that displays all possible results, even as you type. Once you’ve clicked one of the results, it will immediately take you to the correct category, and mark the requested field in yellow.

Click on “Operations” >> “Machines” page >> select the desired machines >> “update attributes.”

| Receipt Generation Has Been Expanded: Now Include Refund Transactions

Successful transactions have always had a receipt generation option, and now we are happy to announce that refund transactions do too! Just click on a refund transaction (shown in green), select Generate Receipt, follow the steps and in no time the receipt is ready.

Click on “reports” >> “Dynamic transaction monitor” report >> right click on the refund transaction >> “Generate eReceipt”

| Firmware Update Protection: Meet the ‘Deprecated’ Status

To avoid updating a device to an FW version that is not supported, we have added a new status type: Deprecated. Once a version has been designated as this status, devices won’t be able to update to FW. However, if a device is already updated to this version, a yellow message will appear, warning you that it would be better to update to the newer FW version.

Administration >> “Devices” >> select the desired machine >> “device” tab >> “Main Version” under “software”

| Ensure accurate machine location from a SIM

In addition to machine and customer location, in this version we have added an additional option to locate machines via a SIM. With this option, instead of manually inputting he machine’s address, the address is automatically retrieved from the SIM card. This feature saves your time and ensures accurate machine location identification.

Simply click on:

Operations >> Machines >> choose the desired machine >> Use location from (under General tab)

** The following updates are relevant only to customers who have transitioned to the new design, and will be activated by a one-time click on the “Explore the new Nayax Core button”, shown in a red box below:

| Save time with new bulk actions

Perform actions on multiple machines at once with our new bulk actions feature, saving time when updating attributes, importing product maps, and generating a picklist.

In this version, we’ve also added some new bulk actions: assign technicians, change machine info, reload configurations and move machines (within the same operator hierarchy).

Simply click on:

Operations >> Machines >> choose the machines you want to be affected by the action >> select your bulk action

| Find & Select your machines easily

Arrange your machines by number of machines per operator (from highest to lowest) or by A-Z, whichever is more convenient for you, so you can more easily find the ones you want to manage.

Simply click on:

Operations >> Machines >> hierarchy button  >>   your choice of A-Z or Number of Machines

| Save time and money with a new remote price change option (For a single machine)

The new remote price change feature enables you to remotely manage prices for products in your machines, using Nayax Core. This means you can react quickly to supplier price increases and dynamically change prices based on approaching expiration dates or seasonal trends — all without attending the machine itself.

** This feature can be used to change prices in one machine at a time.

Simply click on:

Operations >> Machines >> the specific machine >> the specific product/s >> the 3 dots to the right >> Update Price

Enter the new price in the Retail Price field, and then click on Update bin at the bottom right of the screen to confirm the change in the relevant bin of the machine.

| Find the information you need quickly and easily, with the new search bar

We’ve added a search bar under Settings to help you find the information you need more quickly. Simply click on:

Operations >> Machines >> the specific machine >> Settings >> type in your search term in the search bar on the left of the screen

UI Changes

| Machine Name Now Featured in Breadcrumbs – Instant Machine Context

In this update, we have added an option we call slivering. This means that the content space expands as you scroll up. In addition, we’ve added the machine name with its ID and communication status directly to the breadcrumbs, so you always know which machine you’re looking at and avoid making mistakes.


Light bulb New Features

** The updates in this version pertain exclusively to customers who have the VMO-managers permissions and that have transitioned to the new design and clicked the “Explore the new Nayax Core” button:

| Increase your vending capabilities with new product map actions

We have created new product map actions that can help you easily manage your vending machines, saving you time and effort.

To access these new actions, click on:

Operations >> Machines >> the specific machine you want to manage > products > the 3 dots on right.

A dropdown menu will appear, from which you can select from the following:

Add multiple bins

Click on the products you want to add and select how many bins to add for each product.

Adjust stock

Quickly edit the quantity of each of your products.

Save a new product map

Create and save a product map, so you can apply it to other machines in the future.

Apply product map

Choose a product map to apply, then set the stock level and price, and click Apply.

| Instantly access cutting-edge new versions with enhanced capabilities

 Easily update your device version, by clicking on:

Operations >> Machines >> the specific machine > Actions > Update Device Version

 | Save time with new bulk actions

 Perform actions on multiple machines at once with our new bulk actions feature, saving time when updating attributes, importing product maps, generating a picklist, and more!

Simply click on:

Operations >> Machines >> every machine you want to be affected by the action


| Informative new tool tips make using Nayax Core even easier

 We have added tool tips for some icons on the Machines page, making it easier for you to understand the system and manage it quickly.

| Highlight your most useful machines with a new ‘favorites’ button

 Our new favorites button will help you organize your favorite machines, so that you can access them quickly.

Operations >> Machines >> click on a specific machine > star icon

| Quickly find the machine you want to work on

 The hierarchy tree is now organized by A-Z and shows only active machines.

| New look & feel for the Business Days section enhances user experience

 For your convenience, you can now select from Working Days, Special on-Working Days and Pick-up Hours.

Operations >> Machines >> click on a specific machine > Settings > Business Days


Light bulb New Features

| A New User Interface (UI) to Improve Your Experience with Nayax Core

We’ve changed the platform’s look and feel to give it a more polished look, aligned with Nayax’s brand, colors, and fonts (it looks just like MoMa 2.0!). As a start, these changes are relevant only for VMO-managers. They are reversible, so you can switch the UI back and forth as you get used to the change.

To change the display, click on the icon at the top right of your screen:

| A New Machine List to Improve Usability & Increase Your Productivity

The new machine list not only has a new UI, but also offers a new user experience because it changes the way you consume information about your machines. The new page combines information from different screens on the old platform such as the stock level, alerts, and more. By just glancing at this new screen, you can get much more information about your operation than before!

Click on the video to learn more how to start with the new machines page:

Search & Filter Options

The search and filter options were also improved. Now, you can search by machine ID or name and filter your search according to different parameters to narrow down the list.

Hierarchy Tree

The hierarchy tree is now hidden and can be opened when you click on the new hierarchy icon on the top left-hand side. Once you’ve opened this view, you can pin it, keep it on the screen permanently, or click on the hierarchy icon again to hide it.

Other than clicking on the actors and sub-actors, which you can already do, the hierarchy tree on Nayax Core allows you to quicken your search and also add Favorites! This will help you save time when you look for a specific actor on the list.

| Improved Machine Page – Save Time and Manage Your Machines from One Place

Once you click on a machine, you will see the new machine page. This new screen is much more operational and displays the exact information you want to see about your machines.

In addition, to improve functionality, this page is not just for display – every widget of information here is clickable, so you can use them as a gateway to access more information – exactly when you need it.

Click on the video to get more information about a single machine’s page: 

Products Tab

We’ve made some changes to the products tab to show you exactly what you need at a glance and increase your daily productivity. Now, you can see a product’s name, picture, and inventory information. You can also search for a product by its name, bin, and even barcode. Click on the action icon on the right-hand side to perform any action. And once you click on a product, the side menu will open up, allowing you to edit this product’s information.

In addition, we’ve added bulk actions that will help you save time! When you select more than one product, the bulk actions icon will become visible, allowing you to customize the selected items’ features all at once.

This screen is very similar to the MoMa 2.0 app, giving you a seamless experience with both the mobile and web platforms.

Click on the video and check out how it looks:

Last Sales & Last Alerts Tabs

We’ve added new “last sales” and “last alerts” tabs on the machine page, so you have an easier and faster way to see all of the information.

Settings Tab

The “settings” tab has dramatically improved. When you click on the menu on the left-hand side, you can find all the information you need to know about a specific machine and manage your parameters, DEX files, and more.

In addition, managing your alerts has gotten much easier and intuitive – you can manage your alert notifications and alert thresholds from one place!

Logs Tab

All logs are in one place. You can find the queue, keep alive, DEX, and history here, and you can also filter and search for a specific log.

| New Product Functionalities Give You More Control Over Your Machines

We’ve added new product functionalities and capabilities to give you full, remote control of your products and machines

Bulk actions-

If you want to perform actions on several machines, you can select the desired machines and then perform bulk actions at a machine level, such as “generate picklist”.

Adjust stock-

In the product tab, you can edit the product map and the products’ stock.

Click on a specific machine > > Products >> 3 dots on the right (Actions) >> >> Adjust stock

Edit price-

When you enter the product map, you can edit all of the product prices in a specific machine.

Click on a specific machine > > Products >> 3 dots on the right (Actions) >> Edit price

Edit picklist-

On the product tab, the picklist can be edited at a single machine level, and the products within the picklist can be edited.

Click on a specific machine > > Products >> picklist

Planogram view-

We have added an additional display option of the product map- planogram view so that, depending on the machine’s actual layout, you can see the product map in Nayax Core. The display you will see is according to the actual display of the machine and according to the number of cells in it.

Click on a specific machine > > Products >> click on your desired display option

| New Feedback Icon – We Want to Hear from You so We Can Keep Getting Better

We’re counting on you to help us make Nayax Core the best management platform it can be! We’d like to hear any questions, comments, opinions, and know about any bug you may find. Telling us about your experience with the system will help us understand whether all the capabilities and features are working properly so that we can learn from you and improve Nayax Core for you and the rest of our customers.

Click on the button at the bottom right of the new machine screen to give us your feedback:

| Updated Device Number

This feature is relevant for the “old” design & look and feel.

Under “device number” we’ve added the board serial in brackets.

This number does not affect you and there is no need to do anything about it, it was just important for us to let you know that this number appears so that you are not surprised.

Machines page >> click on a specific machine >> General >> General info >> Device number


Light bulb New Features

| Load Default Layout – A New Option to generate a product map

With the new feature, “Load Default Layout”, you can effortlessly generate a product map based on a specific product model. This addition automatically generates a blank product map complete with pre-filled PA and MDB codes, eliminating your need for manual entry. All you need to do is to enter the product names and prices, which help you save time, simplify the product map creation and be much more efficient! For detailed instructions, check out our new guide:

Operations | Product Map – Default Layout

| New “Tax” field –
Increase the support & functionalities in VDI MMS

To increase the support and functionalities for VDI MMS and to enable the Nova market and retail support, we’ve added a new field called “Tax”. The operators still need to manage the tax at product group level, but this new tab enables them to link specific tax from a list to the product level as well.

** This update is reflected in both in UI and in Lynx.

You can find it here: Products >> Mics info >> Tax

| Monyx refund
Improve your usability and save your time!

From now on, it is possible to receive credit for loading in Monyx. The operators can make the actual refund and update the Monyx’s balance in one place.

**This feature is available according to your Nayax core permissions

You can find it here: Dynamic transactions monitor >> right click on the machine >> request refund

action / 9 - action, cancel, close, delete, exit, remove, x icon
action / 9 - action, cancel, close, delete, exit, remove, x icon